Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My server ate it?

Let’s kick today off with a Missouri specific post, shall we?

Stretch arms high…flex fingers…and begin.

As most of you know, this bitch has joined up with fellow Missouri pro-choice activists to address the fallout of HB 1055. HB 1055 threatens Planned Parenthood’s ability to keep clinics open in Missouri, the ability for trained educators to go into public schools and teach comprehensive sex education and the ability for comprehensive sex education to be taught in Missouri public schools. It is now law and, although groups are challenging it in the courts, portions are already being applied.

Governor Matt Blunt, our current anti-choice nightmarish Head Idiot-in-Charge, gleefully signed HB 1055 into law…pro-choice groups and activists immediately began to plan challenges…and that’s when a certain Ed Martin, who is Blunt Trauma’s Chief of Staff, decided to proactively rally private anti-choice groups in defense.

And it looks like Ed delivered his battle field orders to these private groups whilst on my tax provided dime.


As reported in an editorial by Tony Messenger in the Springfield News-Leader (September 9, 2007)…

“So says an e-mail Martin sent at 9:23 the night of the 20th from his taxpayer-provided e-mail account.”

Which, according to the same editorial, stated…

"This lawsuit has the potential of bringing down the a2a program as well as the other parts of 1055. We need to mobilize the supporters — to get Nixon off the case and get a new lawyer"... "Please have people write letters and call Nixon and the press. We need you to put out press statements asap. This is a huge battle.”

Messenger goes on to explain that he was sent the e-mail by one of the anti-choice activists who received it…he filed a Sunshine Law request with the Governor’s office to see if there were any more e-mails…and was then informed that there were no such e-mails to provide.

Double blink.

It seems that Ed Martin sends out a lot of e-mail…tons of e-mail…and although he admitted that the e-mail looked like an e-mail from him he could not confirm that it was...and he didn’t save his e-mails anyway...but in no way was he agreeing that the sending of such e-mails was inappropriate, because sending out e-mails is part of his job.


Chorus - “But Shark-fu, what about the server?”

Shark-fu – “Great question! I’m thinking they’ll have to get back to us on that one. I like you, so don’t hold your breath.”

Anyhoo, if Ed was just doing his job by rallying private groups to defend this fucked up law that had already been signed and removed from Blunt’s desk and thus the political arena, then his e-mail on the matter is public record and should have been provided to Messenger per the Sunshine Law.

As a matter of fact, this bitch can’t help but wonder if some sort of crime (gasp) hasn’t been committed by the Blunt administration (for whom ethics are a 'sometimes food') by their failure to keep e-mails sent by Blunt's Chief of Staff.

And isn’t it interesting that Republican e-mails seem to disappear when a Sunshine Law request or subpoena is submitted?

Mayhap “the server died” is the new “18 minute gap”.

But it is nice to know what these motherfuckers are working on instead of doing the people’s actually explains a lot (wince).


Unknown said...

Whoa..not only does it smell like bullshit..when he steps in it I hope to hell he gets it all over his very expensive shoes and the stink never leaves him.

Anonymous said...

Gonna go hug my kids and see what I can do to keep things right here. Can't be letting my kids get caught up in this kinda FUBAR

Jeffrey Ricker said...

My goodness, these Republicans do seem to have an impairment when it comes to keeping track of their shit. Maybe they lost their e-mails in the same place they lost their integrity, ethics and morals, hmm?

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