Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The "rule of law", my black ass!

Crack knuckles…stretch arms…take sip of water…begin…

A bitch isn’t shocked by anything President Bush related…the man has no shame and thus is capable of anything…but I will admit I wouldn’t have bet on a commuted sentence for Scooter Libby.

This bitch put my money on a full Ford-esque pardon.

Shit, you can't win them all.

But I haven’t really lost the bet yet…unless I am mistaken, Bush can still pardon this felonious motherfucker.


Let’s skip the bullshit shall we?

When I read this about Libby’s commutation I immediately thought about this news bit from American political history.

If it walks like a payoff and talks like a payoff we need to call it what it is.

President Bush commuted Libby’s sentence and took away the legal pressure of looming jail time that would have… might have…oh, fuck it y’all know that motherfucker was gonna talk if he went to jail.

Look at him!

He ain't hard.


A bitch can't help but imagine how it went down.

Cheney called Bush and kept it real…much like John Dean went in and met with Nixon in the Oval after the initial break it at the Watergate and told him it would take a million dollars to keep those participants quiet.

Cheney explained that Libby wouldn’t hold (he is so not hard) and would piss himself followed by spill the beans within 24 hours of the cell door slamming shut.

Bush initially balked because he was under the delusion that he might actually be able to push through immigration reform and salvage some legislative legacy for his fucked up from the floor up presidency. Then reality hit him upside the head as immigration reform died and was buried.

The duck was declared lame and the way for payoff-based cover-up was made clear.

Cheney called again…said that Libby might open up about the whole Bay of Pigs thing and…

Umm…wrong cover-up...my bad...blame the Sudafed (wink).


Cheney called again…President Bush was receptive after gorging himself on lobster and corn on the cob up in Maine and he really doesn’t give a shit anymore…and the commutation was agreed upon.

Bush shat it out with some bullshit about 30 months in jail being excessive (this from a man who failed to find the penalty of death excessive for the mentally ill whilst pseudo-governing Texas) and then he added some insultingly lame ass shit about the fine being a painful punishment(you're joking right) and the loss of his law license being a heavy price (I'm gonna drown in this vat of stankified bullshit)…then a bitch is pretty sure Bush belched and then went back to his lobster.

So, here we are with Scooter Libby not going to jail, only paying a this is the cost of doing bitness in D.C. fine and not really suffering the ramifications for lying to a federal prosecutor, obstructing justice and conspiring with the executive branch to use the weapons of government to wage war against the administration's political enemies so that they could clear the way to wage war against Iraq.

What I don’t get is how anyone can truly be shocked that the same President who subverted the rule of law to go to war would subvert the rule of law to protect the people who helped him subvert the rule of law to go to war.

It’s like sitting down to chat with a dawg and then getting frustrated that all she does is bark.



Anonymous said...

Don't you feel better knowing that Scooter has gone free while real menaces to society like Genarlow Wilson are still in prison?

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to be angry, or are they really just doing all this shit to make 100% of the electorate just not give a damn at all, anymore, about anything?

If anything can induce total apathy in any remaining stalwarts, I'd say this is it.

Lee said...

Your headline sums up this whole thing better than any talking head on CNN. This lifelong Texan is proud to say that the only time he didn't vote against Bush was in his 1978 Congressional run, when I was too young to vote. I was sad when Ann Richards lost to him in 1994, but Christ, I didn't realize it was gonna get THIS bad.

Shark-Fu said...

Great point, Blood Ray!

Talk about excessive.

Kusala...I hope not. I hold on to the hope that the masses will get fed up with the lack of bread and march to the baker's door.

Lee...I feel you. I lived under Bush in Texas for years before moving back home. And I watched in horror as he took over government having never really governed before. This is a mess.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...


I think you got it all wrong starting with "Cheney called Bush..."

Georgie is too busy on vacation being a stick in the mud at his family compound, The Bush Institute of Family Disorders, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Cheney just ordered the White House to release the executive clemency order on one of the pages that he has Georgie practice his penmanship on whenever he visits the White House.

Unknown said...

Yes, alas, this latest bold-faced perversion has to be filed under "Dull Surprise" with the rest--and probably cross-filed to "Spine, Abject Lack of in Democrats" for good measure.

I think Libby was deliberately not pardoned outright, in order to allow him to plead the inevitable Fifth if pressed for testimony while the thieves are still in the temple; IIRC, he wouldn't've been able to do so if he'd been pardoned outright.

And for those who haven't found enough irony to savor in this particular pResident daring to characterize 30 months as "harsh" for a felony, here's a lovely little quote from then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush:

"I don’t believe my role is to replace the verdict of a jury with my own, unless there are new facts or evidence of which a jury was unaware, or evidence that the trial was somehow unfair."


P.S.: Even in the face of such utter rancidity as this, Shark-fu, your intelligence, ferocity, and delightfully articulate evil humor give me hope. And that is no mean feat. F'real. So I bow down before you.

Blue Girl, Red State said...

Can you even fucking stand this shit? I wonder if Victor Rita is going to be granted clemency next?

I spent the first 24 hours in a redheaded rage. Anything I would have posted in the first 24 hours, I would have been visited by the rock-jawed fellas with the wrist radios.

I'm kind of invested in this shit after filing the amicus brief in the pre-sentencing letters, after his lawyer tried the "but bloggers can be mean!" justification for quashing them. But you know, it ain't necessarily over.

Anonymous said...

Did you see him flashing the peace sign from his boat to his subjects?
Bitch: reading your take on all this is such fun that I can almost stand what is happening. Almost.

Anonymous said...

by a.h. scott

There he stands
Serenity's Stooge
That 'what? who me' gaze
Serenity's Stooge strikes again
From court stackin', Brown whackin'
Serenity's Stooge has his finger on the trigger
Commuting, polluting, chuckling and evading
Serenity's Stooge decides it all
From wars that makes us hated
To political points he's traded
Poor Richard, isn't so poor at all
With stock ops, black ops, and laws broken galore
Georgie Porgie, lying left and right
How can you sleep with yourself at night?
Serenity's Stooge, so calm in the storm
From Gulf to Gulf, everything he touches goes wrong
Privilege is yours from the executive building
No matter how corrupt your crew is,
The terror blanket you constantly wrap yourself in
Serenity's Stooge, you should resign
And take the Duke of Darkness with you,
So America can shine again
Serenity's Stooge exit stage far right

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