Monday, July 30, 2007

…and then orange soda shot from my nose!

This bitch read the news that Dickie C. is a “big fan” of Alberto Gonzales and…well, something about that quote inspired a fit of giggles!


I just snorted up orange soda all over my desk (wince).

Shit, the keyboard!

Pause and offer gratitude for not bringing Ms. Sister Girl MacBook into the office.
Seriously though...
giggle followed by giggle followed by snort-based giggle and a gasp
...does anyone need any more proof that Attorney General Gonzales is in league with Satan?

Lucifer’s Head Minion in Charge thinks Alberto is a hell of a guy!

Oh shit, here we go again with the giggles...


Hammer said...

Hey ABB!

Yeah, I don't think we need any more proof to realize that Dick and Al drink from the same cup of evil! Fucking bastards.

I have to say that hearing the news, the REAL news, is eye opening over here in Europe. Many people here- not just me- believe that America is heading towards a (more) Fascist government. Of course, I try to assure them that Fascism wouldn't happen in America, but, clearly, it already has, REALLY. But, this is nothing new. The question is, what are we all gonna do about it? I'm rallying European support- trying to teach Europeans to not hate Americans since our government doesn't act in our name but in the name of those that Pay for the government- and such.

But really, no joke, things look really serious from over here. I mean, when you see what a free country really looks like you can compare how little freedom Americans actually have- whether that's in the form of media control, or other social-control methods. Ick.

So, clearly my new home is not perfect, but maybe we can teach the States to pay attention to a government that ACTUALLY is by and for the people??


in Solidarity,


Anonymous said...

HammerChe- why are you holding out on us? In which country are you now residing? The rest of us want to experience freedom as well.

dc_speaks said...

your blog is hilarious. normally i wince with pain when I hear women refer to themselves or other women(of color that is) as a bitch. But your blog is BOMB!

thanks for sharing..

i hope you dont mind that i just refer to you as a queen and not a bitch.

Have a fantastic day Angry Black Queen. (smile)

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