Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the Zahn for Brown CNN trade...

A bitch just read the news that a certain Paula Zahn will be leaving CNN (hip hip…horray!) and is being replaced by Campbell Brown (ummm, err...okay?).

A bitch can’t stand Zahn, who is a rancid heifer who shamelessly indulges in race baiting during primetime in hopes of winning over the "I'm not a racist, but..." demographic from FOX.

And don’t come at me with that "does it really matter?" crap either. You may not watch CNN, but a lot of people do…and this bitch happens to think it wise to keep an eye on that which pollutes our fellow citizens’ fragile minds (wink).

Anyhoo, Zahn is out and Campbell Brown formerly of NBC's Weekend Today is in.


I like what I know of Campbell Brown. She handled the White House beat well and actually reported the news every now and then (gasp).

The problem is that Campbell Brown is married to a Republican minion, Dan Senor.

Dan Senor is a Republican strategist who supplies FOX with their drug of choice on a regular basis (wince).

Senor was…are you sitting down?...ugh.

Senor was the head motherfucker in charge of advice to one of history’s all time fuck ups, L. Paul Bremmer…and he did that advising during the time period in which Bremmer was fucking it up on a historic scale.

Oh, and add to that frightfully conservative mix the fact that he was Director of the Coalition Information Center during Operation Iraqi Freedom...which means he was at the source of some of the most fantastical propaganda ever consumed by a ravenous press.

Lawd Campbell!

Your choice in mate makes a bitch fear gazing at you directly lest I turn into a pillar of salt!



Mayhap a bitch is off target and this marriage is on the Matlin/Cavillian tip.

Or maybe Campbell Brown’s tolerance of political malfeasance is above average...having grown up the daughter of a certain Jim Brown.


I’m just “Keeping Them Honest” y’all…


Anonymous said...

Shark-fu, I think this may be one of those circumstances where we're better with the devil we know. Campbell is a brittle, shrill,uneasy around Lester Holt kind of southern woman. Their Christmas gift exchange segment was painful to watch. She visibly recoiled we he attempted a friendly embrace. Don't know the story on Zahn, but I'd rather have Murphy Brown than Campbell Brown.

Shark-Fu said...

Oh Brian, you broke that shit down!
Given your analysis, I'd say that Campbell will manifest full Zahnification within a month...

Anonymous said...

OK - I never did care for Paula Zahn and her interview tactics, and I didn't watch the Weekend Today show so I don't really know Campbell Brown. I like your description of their moves as a "trade." All I can say is Campbell's easy on the eyes. My mom likes her, but she watches Fox News, too... :-)

Ant Annie in Pittsburgh

Foobar said...

Lacking cable TV, I haven't seen CNN in probably a decade. Can you describe for us clueless cableless peeps more about Zahn's race-baiting?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Campbell Brown info. I knew she was sleeping with the enemy, but didn't know her dad's history. I don't think she'll have much success at CNN. Hope not, anyway.

Anonymous said...

You know it is all just another distraction when they are reporting Brittny's crazy ass.

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