Friday, July 27, 2007

To meet or not to meet...

Is it me or has this week been long as hell?

Anyhoo, a bitch plans to continue my Urban League experience this weekend. Sadly, I missed the Presidential hopeful-based panel discussion today. But PubDef is live blogging the convention so this bitch will not have to miss a single moment of the Clinton/Obama/Edwards "please give me the black vote" verbal exchanges.


Moving forward on a Presidential tip…

This bitch didn’t watch the YouTube debate on CNN.

Why watch it on CNN when I can catch all the good bits over at YouTube (wink)?

But a bitch did witness the media frenzification stirred up by the post YouTube debate Clinton/Obama fracas.

The dust has yet to settle, chil’ren!

One of the…well, one of “you” your YouTube on and asked whether the candidates would promise to meet with the leaders of rogue nations to get some diplomacy started.

Obama said he would…and that not talking to the leader of a nation did not equal punishment for bad ass shit that nation may or may not have done.

Clinton said she would not make that promise and that she thought such a promise to meet during the first year unwise.


Okay…yeah, I know…not all that heated an exchange.

But wait…it does get better!

After the debate…and without those pesky CNN cameras catching the flush of heated anger and those lips that you just know got tight…all hell broke lose!

Clinton’s people accused Obama of being naïve.

Obama’s people said Clinton ought to know all about “naïve” since her vote to authorize the war was the very definition of that shit (wince).

Clinton retaliated by sending someone forth to drop a spinified nugget that Obama is willing to meet with Holocaust deniers (daaaaaaaaaamn!).

Then Obama dropped a perfectly timed to meet primetime deadlines diss in a speech calling Clinton Bush/Cheney Lite or something like that (oooh, that’s gotta burn!).
I’m waiting for Clinton to take the mic and remind Obama that the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club (wink).

Can you imagine those two waiting together in the wings for today’s Urban League event to begin.

Awkward as a motherfucker!

But a bitch was struck by the topic of this exchange. When did talking to the leaders of other nations get taken off the table? And why?

Catch the knee…a bitch isn’t endorsing anyone. I’m just curious about this shit, because it seems to me that many a political all star met with the then enemies of our nation back in the day.

FDR met with Stalin…JFK met with Khrushchev…fuck it, Nixon went on holiday with Mao.

And didn’t President Clinton meet with Arafat...and Chavez…oh, and Assad?


Hell, Scooter B. (President Bush for the uninitiated) just had Putin to the family compound…and he’s accused of killing journalists, poisoning a Presidential candidate in Ukraine and protecting a Russian citizen who may have poisoned an enemy of Putin's government and contaminated half of fucking London while doing it!

Blink again.

I just don’t get this 'diplomacy equals weakness' thing. I don’t like the assumption that by meeting with someone you just blinked. And this bitch is more than a wee bit uncomfortable with any candidate positioning the silent treatment as a mature technique in the face of all the Bush-based evidence we have to the contrary.


But oh, don’t stop!

More…more, more, more!

Keep that shit coming!

Mama Shark-fu remains an unapologetic glutton for down and dirty political content…


Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Edwards had some interesting things to say about the Obama/Clinton tango this morning when he took the stage (via Mrs. Allan Greenspan at MSNBC):

John Edwards took a shot at Clinton and Obama's dispute -- telling the National Urban League convention in St Louis: "If you’re looking, if you're looking for what’s wrong in Washington, why the system is broken, why the system doesn’t work, one perfect example is what's been happening over the last four days. We’ve had two good people, Democratic candidates for president, who’ve spent their time attacking each other, instead of attacking the problems that this country’s faced.

“I got your attention with that one, didn't I?”

more cowbell said...

I saw the YouTube debates, and really liked the format. As far as the "would you meet w/ the leaders" question, I actually was impressed w/ Clinton's answer. OK, I loved what Obama said about when did diplomacy start meaning punishment -- I was all like, that's right, Barack! But I think it took guts and foresight for Clinton to break w/ the "expected answer". It was somewhat of a risk, which to me showed not following the crowd and thinking for herself.

I mean, a question like that, the expected answer is "Yes, of course! I'm all about diplomacy, unlike BushCo!" When she said she'd check out the situation first so as not to be unwittingly used as a pawn for propaganda, I thought that showed some independence and not a knee-jerk reaction.

So I don't know. But my ass had better hurry up and decide, because the WA primaries are next month.

Queen Indecisive. said...

I've slowly come to realize that I get most of my political news from you. And while that is most entertaining it probably isn't very responsible and what not. Boo.

Anonymous said...


Didn't Jean Luc Picard meet with the Borg? ;)


JJ said...

Hey, girl! I haven't been here in a minute - and I'm studying for finals and procrastinating as usual - but I wanted to bring you this:


Everyone has been bitching and complaining about how there is no leadership among young black Americans, decrying this huge gap that has opened up between whoever was to follow MLK, Jr., SNCC, Jesse Jackson and that wolf-in-fool's-clothing, Al Sharpton... And when we finally *get one*, when we have a credible chance at the WH (sorry, Jesse!), these folk come along talking about how can we vote for Obama when the white folks might not vote for him and we are sure to lose?!? Hell, yeah, he's going to lose with that attitude!


Back to my regularly scheduled Federal Personal Income Tax studies, brought to you by Professor Dennis J. Ventry, Jr., Ph.D., Esq.

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