Friday, July 27, 2007

Pondering news out of Washington State...

Okay, so a bitch read this story out of Washington State and…well, I certainly hope this lawsuit is tossed.

Pharmacists have sued to fight a rule that forces them to fill prescriptions.


Specifically, pharmacists have sued to fight a ruling that forces them to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception.

The pharmacists say the rule, which just kicked in, forces them to choose between “their livelihoods and their deeply held religious and moral beliefs.”

Now, that quote is just asking for some questions.

Are these same pharmacists forced to fill prescriptions for erectile dysfunction drugs and, if so, do they ask if the customer is married or gay (gasp) to ensure they are not promoting sex outside of marriage or gay sex or even hour after hour multiple orgasm reaching without the hope of child creating sex?

Does the pharmacy check to see if every woman coming in to fill a birth control prescription is married? Oh, and they also need to confirm that the customer isn’t using the pill for treatment of some condition like fibroids. Oh fuck it, what’s having a woman walk about with her period for three consecutive weeks compared to the mission of protecting women against the lure of sex without baby-based consequences?


Does the pharmacy also sell condoms? Do they confirm marriage, check for signs of same sex behavior or ask the customer if they have accepted Jesus into their heart and renounced Satan and all of his minions?


Don’t get me wrong….I understand their dilemma.

My taxes are used to fund a war I never supported…fantabulous health care for politicians I can’t stand…and the salary of Governor Matt Blunt, who I believe to be one of Satan's minions.

So yes, I empathize with being “forced” to choose between the IRS coming down on me like a ton of bricks and my deeply felt moral and religious beliefs.

But these pharmacists can actually opt out of filling the prescription and get another pharmacist to do so as long as the customer receives the meds in the same visit. Which gives them the power of choice that they are seeking to deny their customers.


Gosh, I sure wish I could opt out of paying taxes that may pay for war or put food on Matt Blunt’s table. I wonder if I could find a neo-con willing to pay them for me (wink).

Logs off to search for lawyer willing to sue the State of Missouri...


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear - I just love when you get on your soapbox! Well said (again)... I worked in Defense for over 25 years, doing what my bosses told me to, even though I may not have agreed with the administrations war policy du jour. If I didn't do my job I would have been fired. If they don't want to do their jobs, fire their a$$es.

Ant Annie in Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, we Liberals believe everyone has certain rights. On the con, we have no qualms stepping on the rights of those that oppose us to ensure those rights we believe in are maintained.

more cowbell said...

I live in WA, and was all HellYeah about the new law going into effect -- I can't believe they're already trying to get around it.

Ridiculous -- what's next, doctores deciding women can't have a tubal ligation because it might interfere with the Almighty's plan for her future unborn?

I loved your comments about how they don't police condom sales or Viagra sales to make sure it's fitting with their moral codes.

Damn, if you want to be a pharmacist, be a friggin' pharmacist -- do your damn job. If not, go pick up a robe and some incense and go into the priesthood.

Anonymous said...

It's a stunner, huh? Hey, and whilst we're at it, let's give 'em the choice not to dispense blood pressure meds to people they think might have brought it one themselves, or antibiotics for the kid that they think may have a virus...

A friend of mine is a Pharmacist (and a bloody good one) and she is just steamed over this. She didn't go to school to be able to stand there in judgment...why on earth would anyone else feel that it was their right?

Oh, and is it me, or does this completely ignore the possibility that the woman with the Rx was sexually assualted??? In general you don't get a choice about your taxes, but you sure as hell get a choice when it comes to your profession.


Isabelle said...

Well said ABB! Maybe you should forward your questions to these guys.. hehe. I would be interested to know the answers..

And why the hell aren't you running for president?? You already have my vote!!

Miss Kitty said...

YES! Thank you for saying what I've been too angry/apoplectic to put into words. I think I'll ask a pharmacist that next time I hear that store has refused a woman her birth control pills. (I live in Georgia, so there are bound to be plenty of them around here. *sigh*)

J said...

And when in hell are these morons going to get it through their heads that this is CONTRACEPTION, not ABORTION? I would have to assume they feel it is abortion, or else they wouldn't be able to dispense the pill or condoms, etc., either.

I hate people.

Anonymous said...

Here's the rub as I see it...

If being a pharmacist puts one in such an ethical quandry, why would someone choose to become one? Why not opt to be a veterinary pharmacist instead? Or be involved in a dispensary at a military hospital or something like that?

And I agree... if the pharmacist isn't protesting over condoms and birth control pills, or lubes and enemas for that matter too (don't ask!), what is the big brou-ha-ha over PREVENTING the sperm and egg from latching onto each other...

Not to beat the proverbial dead horse, but shit, when are these slack jawed fundamentalist yokels going to get it through their heads that their rights stop where ours begin, and if someone presents a LEGALLY procured and LEGALLY written prescription, it should be honored.


Anonymous said...

Shark-Fu, may I have your permission to print out a copy of this LOVELY post, carry it in my wallet, and shove it in the face of ever single motherfucker who says, "no abortions on MY dollar?"

Shark-Fu said...

Eric - permission granted...

preTzel said...

Excuse me for buttin' in...but...

The government has long held that the reproductive rights of women didn't belong to them. Hell, a woman used to be worth less than a man's HORSE back "in the day". Then those ol' women had to get their petticoats and hoops in an uproar and go and ask for the right to vote and the right of CHOICE. The government didn't much like that but the men on the ol' hill knew that if they pissed off the women too much then the ol' poo - tang might be w/held and they weren't having none of that. So, they let the women vote and they let the women have their BC. (If it weren't for that damned Margareet Sanger we'd all still be using the "rhythm method" to keep those babes from birthing until we were ready.)

Once Roe V. Wade began then the government became even more scared. First birth control, then votes, then R v. W. What next? President? Oh shit, here comes Hillary "Stand by my Man" Clinton to run for President. She has a chance. What ever will they do?

Oh, I know. They'll start throwing out words like "Al Qaeda is stronger than ever" and make every man in this country think that no woman could ever handle those big bad muthas. So what will happen? I'm sure you can guess.

Birth Control is used for other things besides just BIRTH CONTROL. It regulates hormones as well so we women don't go apeshit on these assholes in the White House and teach them what PMS (Puttin' up w/ Men's Shit) truly means. I think if Laura Bush would just a bit batshit crazy on ol' George he'd be telling every pharmacist in this country to dispense that shit FREE to EVERY female and try to pass a law forcing us to take it.

See, when you let men make silly laws that regulate what a woman can and can't do then all hell breaks loose.

These pharmacists are just another example of the idiocy in America. They won't dispense the BC because it's against their religion, they won't advocate abortion because it's their religion, and they won't fork over more of their tax dollars to help pay the welfare roll for all those babies that weren't prevented by BC or abortion. It's a no - win situation when a man's in control. I think it's time a LIBERAL woman take back the balls and put these men back behind the plow and out of the House where they don't belong.

Anonymous said...

I live in Washington state and my friend told me about this one place that was pulling that shit (well, two if you include fucking Target) where I happened to shop at because it was close to my house and I had to boycot the shit out of them. Which meant going to the co-op instead, so I guess that was a good thing.

Seriously great arguments you posted, especially when it comes to shit like erectile pills. All you have to do is reverse the dynamic to see that it's utter bullshit.


Great blog, I'm gonna tell my friends.

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