Thursday, July 12, 2007

Triangular Bullshit…

Lawd, have mercy!

Our project to respond to the rancidity of HB 1055 here in Missouri is picking up pace!

Thank you FiredDogLake for helping spread the word!

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that there are so many of us out there who are disgusted with this legislation and willing to act.

Y’all are amazing and a bitch can’t wait to work with you on this project.

I’ll be ironing out some specifics over the next week and you know a bitch will keep y’all updated.

Keep those recommendations and examples coming!

Moving forward fired up with the power of the people…

Triangular Bullshit...
When this bitch was a wee bitch I was a champion bullshit artist.


Fuck it, I was!

I utilized some serious spin when it came to my report card…which often reflected my lack of dedication to math and science (wince). Both of my parents were mathematically inclined…and both of them saw right through my spin to the bullshit beneath.


But I still tried…still made my pitch that the teacher was an asshole or that I was allergic to math. My parents always went ballistic over that shit…they were more angry about the bullshit-based spin than the actual grade!

That didn’t make sense to until I was much older, but they wanted to teach me that my bullshit delayed my ability to address my failures in math…that by spinning rather than being honest I was denying myself two at-home math tutors…and that saying you don’t have a problem and not taking responsibility will not make the problem or the responsibility go away.


Which brings me to Scooter B. of the unable to admit he needs help with math Bush debacle of an administration…and his press conference, in which he tried to spin sorta-achieving 8 of 18 benchmarks as “satisfactory progress”.

Nation (wink), this president needs a tutor...mayhap the Sylvan Learning Center of war policy?

Whatever...anything...because shit like this is getting us nowhere!

"Our strategy is built on the premise that progress in security will pave the way for political progress, so it's not surprising that political progress is lagging behind the security gains we're seeing."


That reminds me of when I took Geometry and, upon receiving my dismal midterm exam, insisted that no one should be required to prove a square to be a square and they certainly shouldn’t have to prove it more than once!


Which was triangular bullshit…and it didn’t work (just ask C-Money, who have the joy of tutoring me in Geometry, bless her).

Isn’t it just as easy to say that the lack of political progress is leading to the increase in violence…and that political progress would greatly improve conditions on the ground?

Oh, but the beauty of triangular bullshit is that it reinforces itself!

I got assigned Geometry problems + I refused to admit that I alone could not change the rules of Geometry = I almost fucking flunked Geometry (wince) & used that to prove I'm allergic to math.

Okay...ummm, that didn't work.

Iraq is violent + we blame the violence for the lack of political progress + the Iraqi government refuses to pull it together = Iraq remains violent with no political progress and we remain in Iraq because it is violent.

Ugh! That doesn't work either!

Fuck it. Top that bullshit off with a dollop of "we'll stand down when they stand up" and...well, that's a dish that would have made McNamara proud.


The source of triangular bullshit is the immature insecurity-based inability to admit that you don’t have the answer…that you can’t prove that square to be a square...and that you have royally fucked up the Geometry workbook…ummm, err…the war.

We should have never taken this class but, after signing up for it, we sure as shit should have requested a tutor.

But we’re in Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Territory now, chil’ren.

Kinda looks like a proof for fubar to this bitch...


Unknown said...

Mac the knife would of been proud. But at least that cracker admitted his failures before he died..but he was still a prick.

Great analogy ABB.

Impeach the mutha fuckas already!

Anonymous said...

I saw your article on Firedoglake and I like your spunk! Keep the fire burning and never take your eyes off of them. You now have a fellow reader from Kansas City, Mo. and we must work to heal Missouri from its "Blunt" trauma and quick before we slip into a coma.

Doralong said...

Second to the great analogy- testify woman! Keep at it. The more of us that stay pissed and let them know we really aren't going to take this shit anymore- the better off we all are.

I am in complete awe- you are one amazing bitch.. fuck impeachment- crimes against humanity, let the tribunal begin!

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Here's a link to FDL's post in support of ABB, A Dangerous Woman, Indeed

Anonymous said...

I'm with you dusty, get rid of that sob before he decides to march into Iran!

And ditto on the analogy,I tell you when ABB is good she is baaad and this time she is badass bad.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Found you thru Firedoglake. I'm on the other side of our state. I'm anxious to see what you'll come up with next.

Keep it up - it's great!

enigma4ever said...

Okay , Dusty blogged about you over at Sirens Chronicles, I will try ti spread the word over at Watergate Summer, 4sure put on my blogroll this have a wonderful blog here.....I also will send a messege to Skippy about this...
and yes.....what Dusty said....Impeach& Imprison...

Michael M. said...

It is way off topic, but I thought you would enjoy this NYT article about British candy that dedicates some space to Smarties.

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