Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The pizza delivery man, a ‘how the hell did they convince anyone to do that shit’ plot and an indictment…

Longtime readers know that this bitch has been fascinated by the pizza delivery bomb around the neck explosion in the street story from…well, from the moment the pizza delivery man blew up on the street.


A bitch is a crime buff and there is no way in hell the news that a pizza delivery person was forced at gun point to secure a bomb around his neck and walk into a bank to rob it only to blow up on live television while begging for his life wouldn’t capture my attention.


After the initial news of the failed robbery turned explosion broke the story kind of died.

Now we have news of an indictment!

Get this…the feds are alleging that a woman came up with the bomb ‘round the neck forced bank robbery scheme to fund the murder of her father.


Brian Wells, the pizza delivery person, is alleged to have know one of the folks connected to the woman and the plot so the feds are also connecting the now dead Wells to the crime that resulted in his death on the street by neck bomb!

Blink again.

But the feds didn't give any information as to why they think Brian Wells conspired with the woman and man indicted to participate in this robbery...which leaves this bitch still wondering how the hell they convinced Wells to strap on that neck bomb and go forth to rob.


A bitch has a gut feeling (wink) that my ass is going to have to wait for Bill Kurtis to break this shit down on American Justice.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for youre work.

roslynholcomb said...

Damn, hitmen are that expensive these days? Clearly she lives in the wrong neighborhood. I know folk who'll off somebody for a baloney sandwich.

I've been intrigued by this one myself. What an amazing twist.

Anonymous said...

I read your notice about the Missouri bill and would like to point you in the direction of the Virginia Organizing Project (VOP) It is a statewide nonprofit that gives grassroots groups all around the state information, training, and some instituitional (umbrella) assistance. They are nonpartisan, although mostly lefties. They have dealt with wage issues, glbt issues, mediation groups, etc, etc.
In Virginia, we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel to do organizing. Does Missouri have a similar organization?

Anonymous said...

Why, ABB, you sound as if you don't believe what the feds say. You don't think they would lie to us, do you?

Carry on, ABB. I love what you're doing.

billie said...

this bitch doubts that he had any involvement in the scheme at all- other than to get blown up. convenient that the man is dead and the two toadies are pointing fingers at him. convenient that the feds want him to have some involvement after authorities' gaffes let him be blown up. the bomb squad got lost. i just don't trust the government- or the law enforcement agencies anymore.

Rich said...

I also love what your doing!! I agree this a fascinating case. Wow is all I can say. Why did it blow up? I cant imagine that was part of the plan. Crazzzzzzy people. Best wishes for you and all that is yours.

~Macarena~ said...

Mr. Kurtis has the best narrator!

Some cop series used the pizza plot, and they had the guy go to deliver a pizza only to be assaulted and bound. His captors strapped the bomb on him, then promised to remove it after he returned w/ the bank robbery proceeds.

On L&O:CI, some woman enthralled to a dying man willingly put on fake bombs and committed robberies. I think he always planned to kill her, so the last time, the bomb was real.

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