Friday, July 06, 2007

Our portrait by Fern!

C-Money and this bitch are fans of a certain Fern Taylor. Her paintings are fantabulous! So when C-Money learned from Fern that she does portraits my sister decided to explore her inner Flemish.


Okay, one portrait doesn’t make you Flemish…but you have to admit that those motherfuckers got their portrait on BIG TIME!

So, Fern came over to the house and took several pictures then disappeared to do what painters do.

A few weeks later she presented us with a fantabulous portrait of Sisters with Afros (not the official name, but I’m working on that shit).

See - she even hung it for us!

Pictures really don’t do it justice.

Thank you Fern (artist sitting below portrait)!
For more information about Fern Taylor’s art (did I mention that she also does pet portraits?) visit her web site here.


Maya's Granny said...

I like the title Sisters With Afros! It has style, like you do. Like C-Money does.

Anonymous said...


The Bear Maiden said...

oooooh! Now this is something I can relate to! I love your blog and visit frequently, but I gotta admit that aside from making me laugh, your intelligent political commentaries usually fly right over my head. But this. First, off the painting is beautiful. I wish you had a bigger picture of it! And secondly, WOW! That Fern is *awesome*. I wish I painted like that... I can't do portraits... something about me getting caught up in their personalities, yadda yadda.

TwinsGoddess said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Not always a big fan of our local art museum, The Crocker, I did go see a fabulous exhibit a couple of months ago that you might have enjoyed--I know I did:

Bettye Saar/feminist/artist

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a portrait! Beautiful. Love the title "Sisters with Afros," too!

more cowbell said...

ditto, the title is great. Checked out her site, really loving her style and use of the vivid colors. Gorgeous!

Hey, I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award over at my site. I don't comment here all that often, but read here regularly. Cheers!

Sarah said...

The painting is sooo beautiful. If I were closer I would hook up with Fern for one myself!
Sorry I haven't participated lately, been out of touch for a while, but stil reading and loving your posts...especially the sweet words you wrote on your brothers birthday.
Be well!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll so pretty!
I been out of town, and on my trip I went through St Louis! I shouted out the window "Happy Birthday" to your bro (a day late) and took a photo of the arch! You rock girl!

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