Monday, July 30, 2007

A follow-up...

Happy motherfucking Monday!

A bitch would like to welcome everyone checking me out by way of the Rude One’s post. This bitch looks forward to that guest blogging gig...big time.

Welcome to the Land of Bitchitude!

Shall we proceed?

A follow-up…
This bitch is proud of those people in military service who read this blog.

Many have contacted me to vent, for a laugh and for Bitchfirmations…and all of you remain in my prayers.

I am the granddaughter, daughter, niece and cousin of people who have served in the military.

Hell, my grandfather served this nation long before this nation deigned to speak of "granting" him civil rights.

So, although this bitch does not support this war and my ass sure as shit doesn’t support the way this war has been managed (translation = fubar)… that doesn't translate into my being cool with The Man fucking over the people who are actually living up to their pledge as they serve a government incapable of living up to anything.


When the Walter Reed scandal broke a bitch was not surprised...I know too many vets to be shocked by that shit...but I was pleased when a commission was appointed.

Dole & Shalala went out and documented the systemic flaws that result in inadequate care and emotional stress for vets and their families. They recently presented their report to Scooter B., his minions and Congress.

Then Scooter B. struck a pose on the White House lawn with two wounded vets and urged action.


Which was cool…I also urge Congress to legislate the estimated ten percent of the recommendations that Shalala says require legislation.

But a bitch also urges Scooter B. and his assorted flavors of minions to tackle the 90 percent of recommendations that fall on the administrations side of the plate.

In other words, keep the curiously new work out clothes on and get 'bout the business of working on the motherfucking problem!

All they have to do is channel the same energy that fueled senior administration officials as they raced through the halls of a certain hospital to enthusiastically strong arm the Attorney General into doing semi-conscious that which he would not do if lucid…cough…yeah, channel that frenzified energy into fixing the fubarification that is medical care for too many of our veterans.

But that would be too much like right…right?

That's just wrong...


Anonymous said...

I saw Dole and Shalala on This Week with George Stephanopoulos in the Tivo this morning. I'm optimistic on the committee's recco's being implemented. Especially the 90% that requires the administration to move. Know why? Bob Dole had a look in his eye and he said he was going to hold the president to his word. And on this issue, I take the Senator's word as an inside-the-beltway power player. And as a wounded veteran. He looked like he had only begun to kick ass on those six recco's. Donna Shalala was fiesty and had her center-left wrangle stick at the ready. If the citizens do their part and insist, this reform is as good as done. If the citizens accept a photo op, shame on us.

C Money

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the Rude Pundit gig! I know you will kick ass!

LiberalDemDave said...

You'll rock over at the Rude Pundit...You're both a part of my morning ritual.

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