Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pondering diplomatic curb kicking...

A bitch took a moment to search the internets for a news-based story that might divert my troubled mind from fretting.

And damn it all to hell and back if I didn’t stumble upon this shit.

A certain Wolfowitz…not to be confused with the Wolfie B. of the Blitzer variety over at CNN…looks to be heading to the curb.

Slowly…with excruciating input and review…and above all diplomatically, because Gawd forbid an unethical American asshole get fired for being an unethical asshole who happens to be from America...Wolfowitz may be headed to the curb.


A bitch prefers rapid and painful 'on the curb before you can spit' depositing of worthy assholes myself…but maybe that’s just me.


As you probably already know, Wolfowitz of the would be the reincarnation of McNamara if McNamara were dead Wolfowitzes got set up at the World Bank post leaving the Bush Administration(nice payoff, motherfucker)…at some point hooked up with a woman already working there or got his main thang a job there (does it matter?)…inappropriately promoted said woman…and then allegedly set out to take over and run the World Bank like the absolute monarchy he clearly feels his royal in his own mind ass has been denied in this lifetime.


Since he ain’t slick…totally is not slick...couldn't be slick with training...cough...Wolfowitz fucked up the execution of his flawed plan.

And then time slowed down…clocks seemed to move as if through mud…and this bitch began to observe the slowest onto the curb depositing of someone beyond worthy of getting intimate as hell with the curb I have witnessed in a long ass time.

I mean, daaaaaaammmmmn!

Don't get me wrong...I understand that diplomatic curb kicking is complex. One would think that a person exposed as a fuck up…then examined and found to be an official fuck up…wouldn’t let the system get around to the official curb kicking.
Doesn't anyone resign anymore?

But these Bushies are a rare breed of ass.

Lawd, they are as resistant to correction as flesh eating bacteria!
Shudder...and then return to fretting.


proudprogressive said...

Shark - Fu you have a such a way with words..your observations are such good medicine for me.Thank you, you give me laughes and clarity. I have been reading for awhile now..but am an official Fan Girl..You Rock Sister.

Great style. So after all that ...i am sending healing thoughts to your ankle. Lordy knows its hard enough without having to limp around in pain. Just keep on keepin on ! How is the little almost beagle ? It was his leash tugging i seem to vaguely recall that sent you into the fresh hell of Ankle Mangling.

- PP

Anonymous said...

aint it sweet to see a fuck's head hit the curb, tho, in slowmo

Maya's Granny said...

It would be better if it were faster, but there is something very satisfying about seeing that Nemesis will take her toll. As long as he hits the curb, it has been a good day.

evilganome said...

As of this morning, according to the BBC, our boy is out the door! A pleasant way to start the morning, though I had to hear it a second time before I believed it. Now if they would just impeach the decider in chief. I can dream can't I?

Anonymous said...

Slowmo is right . . . like the entire last 2 years of this regime.


Word. Good to see Darth Vader ousted from the Death Star. Too bad the battle station is still quite operational. The World Bank, which helps maintain the global political economic status quo--where the poor nations of the world are strangled in debt and unfair trade policies--was a fitting place for Paul Wolfowitz to flee after his botched Pax Americana plans slammed into the wall of reality that is now a ravaged country called Iraq. Sure he'll go somewhere else to make mischief.

BigAssBelle said...

it is stunning, isn't it? how long these asshats take to clear out after the subpoenas start. has there ever been a more criminal administration in the history of this country? i don't think so, and he's spread the cancer to other countries and the rest of the world. i can't think of him without feeling the urge to launch into obscenities so i'll quit now before i become completely incoherent with rage at this motherfucker who is ruining our world.

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