Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to the bitness of bitchitude…

Let’s jump right the hell on in, shall we?

A certain Scooter B. took time out of his hectic vacation...wait a minute...I said hold up!
Why the hell hasn’t anyone taken President Bush’s lazy ass to task for vacationing whilst the nation is at war after criticizing the Iraqi government for attempting to vacation while their nation is at war?

Shark-fu’s slightly off topic rant…
We are about to go into the Memorial Day weekend and this bitch is once again disgusted that Scooter B. is on vacation. If a normal citizen fucked up as much shit on their job as Scooter B. has fucked up on his they’d be fired. Shit they may be held criminally liable. But they sure as shit wouldn’t be given a vacation while the shit spirals of their own creation continue to spew.
I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how hard the job is. If the current state of events is what results from “working hard” then I, as his motherfucking citizen-based employer, don’t think the situation is working out. Mmhmmm…might be past time for him to get gone! Or take his ass back to the office and get something done.

Lawd, give me strength!

End of Shark-fu's slightly off topic rant.

Where was I?

Oh yes…this bullshit!

Democrats are preparing a no-confidence vote on Attorney General Gonzales. A certain Senator Spector thinks that Gonzales will resign before the vote, but then again he also bought into that magic bullet nonsense back in the day.


Upon hearing that Democrats were going to publicly state that they do not have confidence in an Attorney General that anyone with a lick of common sense would still have confidence in…cough…Scooter B. spoke out calling the move “pure political theater”.

He then went on to have his friend's back…said Gonzales did nothing wrong…and then attempted to chastise government for being distracted by this very distracting shit.

Never you mind that the reason folks are going to having this sorta-vote is because Gonzales ran an office dedicated to just about everything but THE MOTHERFUCKING JOB THEY WERE APPOINTED TO DO!

And never you mind that Scooter B’s confidence track record is frightfully bad. He had confidence in No Child Left Behind... confidence that there were weapons of mass destruction…confidence that the insurgency wasn’t a long term threat…confidence that a lasting democracy could be built like a fucking IKEA coffee table…oh, and don’t forget Brownie!

Makes a bitch wonder if he knows what confidence means.

Hell, no-confidence might just be the understatement of the century…


Maya's Granny said...

He will probably support Gonzo as long as he can, and then throw him under bus like he did Rummy. If only we could throw Scooter B. under the bus.

GayProf said...

One of the most frustrating things about the media throughout Bushie's entire reign of ineptness has been their failure to critique his never-ending vacations. Where was he before 9/11? His ranch. On 9/11? Florida. Where was he during Katrina? His ranch.

According to (a very small footnote) in the Washington Post, Bush has spent over a fifth of his presidency at his ranch. That doesn't even count all the time at Camp David or hiding elsewhere in the country. I wish that I could have a job where I spent as much time hiding from my work as actually in the office.

Sorry, I know that is a bit off topic. It just chaps my hide (I have also spent time in Texas).

Brian said...


Whew... I see you quickly followed that up with "criminally liable". Because the first thing that I thought was ....anyone else would be arrested.

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