Monday, May 21, 2007

Ah, honey honey..!

A bitch has been fascinated by reports that all the honeybees have disappeared and that scientists are having trouble figuring it out.

Confession - I keep waiting for someone to put for the Bee Rapture theory.


Oh c’mon!

It ain’t exactly a long walk from Intelligent Design to Bee Raptures.

Anyhoo, news that honeybees are disappearing really did freak me out. Shit, if there was a Bee Rapture we’d all be fucked! Bees are necessary…big time.

Well, this story on calmed my fears. Mayhap the bees of America didn’t get spirited up to heaven after all! They’ve just gone underground to mount a honeybee-based attack against North American humans.


Oh, go ahead and doubt me!

Mark my words…this was just a dress rehearsal of bee-based aggression.

These bees are pissed, heavily armed with stingers and have demonstrated stealth capabilities!

Mmmhmmm, makes you look at honey in a different way.

Logs off to place large order for EpiPens...


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it: Mother Nature is not happy. And when Momma ain't happy...

And on dumbing down: the CNN story, a four sentence 'story' had a 4 line highlights box above the story.

Anonymous said...

They’ve just gone underground to mount a honeybee-based attack against North American humans.
I thought the same thing when I saw this news. Mother Nature is circling the troops, the bees are gonna be the foot soldiers and we're all screwed.
This shit is gonna turn out like "The Birds" except the bees are so small they can get into most spaces easy.

Thank goodness I live in a cold climate where bees don't normally thrive.

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard maybe last year or the year prior where there are these mites that are slowly killing the bee population. The mites are diseasing the bees and it easily spreads through the use of man-made hives.

Or they're ready to mount an attack.

Sounds like Sci-Fi channel material.

Limecrete said...

Bees are my sole fear, and that image of the coordinated attack they're planning isn't doing me any favors. Remind me to thwack you the next time I see you.

MAWG said...

Don't get too complacient about the bee kills - Indiana is one of the few states where the bee population hasn't been decimated. Like it or not, bees are important to just about every living thing. Just hope it is temporary and they come back.

Although I do like the bee rapture theory.

Weasel said...

Bees are one of the few insects I actually like. Honeybees and a few of their cousins (like bumblebees, wasps, hornets, fireflies, moths and butterflies) are given a pardon at my house. Most other insects find themselves facing the business end of my sneaker.

I don't like bugs. I don't like bugs at all. But I don't think of bees as bugs. Pity we don't see many here in Wisconsin. (I'm seeing more bumblebees this year than honeybees. It has me worried.)

Odd that they didn't sting anyone. Makes me wonder.....

In some cultures, the bee was a messenger for God. I think they may be trying to tell us something. Something very important. I just hope we can all listen for once.

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