Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Speaking of political theater…

There’s been some movement on the Russian poisoning story, chil’ren!

A British court has charged a certain Andrei Lugovoi with poisoning Alexander Litvinenko using Polonium-210.


The Russians told the British to go fuck themselves and are refusing to extradite Lugovoi.

Oh, no they didn’t?

Yes they did!



Anyhoo, this is how it plays out in my Three Days of the Condor influenced mind.

The Russians move first and with breathtaking aggression by dispatching a former KGB officer to take out…well, umm…another former KGB officer. With alarming arrogance the Russians utilized a poison that is only available to a limited number of countries…all but declaring to the world “we’ve killed this talkative motherfucker and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it!”

They met with the target…maybe rubbed their glowified hands all over his face and mouth…blink…or, mayhap just drop a dollop of Polonium-210 into his tea when he wasn’t watching. Then they took off on a jet plane back to Russia…where I assume they took some sort of antidote…or someone’s going to have to explain how they are still alive after coating London proper with radioactive material.


Condor...I mean Litvinenko (wink) gets sick…he enters the hospital…and in a scene hauntingly reminiscent of D.O.A they tell him he’s been murdered but isn’t dead yet!


So, in his final act of protest, Litvinenko went off old school and told the world that Putin is a shady motherfucker who killed him even though he wasn’t dead yet.

Then he died.

The British investigated…found that half of London was covered in glowified shit…narrowed the search and even went to Russia to do interviews.

And now we have a…uh…a declaration of intent?

Shit, it’s not like they can really arrest this dude!

Putin isn't even taking London’s phone calls.


And he’s going to get away with that arrogant shit...again.

Which may be why certain countries in the world have figured out that one doesn’t need diplomatic skills nor does one have to tolerate dissent if you has nuclear weapons and a fear inspiring radioactive war chest...hmmm?


We're knee deep in a hot war and folks are kicking off a cold war at the same damn time...


Anonymous said...

I know there are flaws in my logic, but I am SOOOO "I told you so" about anyone who was dancing in the streets about a "free Russia." Free and better off, my ass.

And Kazakhstan's president just had his parliament basically pass a measure allowing him to be president for life. (And you know people are wondering: Why should we care...?)

Homer said...

Oh! But Bush looked into his eyes and decided he had a good soul or something similarly asinine.

Shasta MacNasty said...

Ok, so I'm not the only one watching this Russian spy game with interest. Talk about fucking BALLSY! This is right up there with the failed murder attempt on Viktor Yuschenko. I'm telling you, these eastern Europeans are on some stone-cold, old-school shit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't trust the Soviets...I Mean the Russians, they are who they are.

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