Friday, November 04, 2005

A Learned Judge…

A bitch took a moment yesterday to review the comments made to my brief little write-up on Usually, my ass wouldn’t care but something made me look. This bitch was curious to see if readers would have the same kind of discussion that blogger folks have.

Well, the comments were certainly interesting and lengthy. Folks clearly gave a great deal of thought to their take on a bitch’s reaction to Alito’s nomination. My ass was struck by one particular exchange over my wish to have regular folks be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Basically, the writer put forth the argument that society benefits from having seasoned and “learned” folks in positions of power. A bitch read on and this certain individual felt that regular bitches, like the ABB, would be eaten alive by the great minds of the current Justices.


A bitch wasn’t insulted that this writer assumed that this bitch wasn’t a “learned” individual…loyal readers will know that a bitch’s ego doesn’t bruise easily.

Okay…a bitch has to admit that high handed attacks on my intellectual skills do rub me wrong, but only because my ass is still paying off a HUGE balance for that $120,000 gilded assed college education scored years ago outside of Boston. Shit…who wouldn’t be a wee bit sensitive? They are bleeding a bitch dry!

Anyhoo, what a bitch was disturbed by was the assertion that only the learned are fit to lead or judge. Having walked the hallowed halls of an elite educational institution, this bitch has seen more than my share of lofty intellectuals holding on for dear life to those ivy covered walls out of a fear of the unwashed masses seeking power.

This is the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a document drafted by ordinary men who had risen to accomplish extraordinary things. The Constitution, in its original form, was flawed. That was fine, because the folks that wrote it never intended it to be bronze and put on a display behind bulletproof glass.

A bitch met a wonderful man while attending my lofty college in New England. He was almost 90 years old and was a preacher at a small historically black church in the Berkshires. We sat and chatted while the autumn leaves fell like a soft rain around us. He talked about his struggle with illiteracy and how he finally learned to read at the age of 65. It was, he said, his greatest achievement next to accepting God’s love into his heart.

A bitch was amazed to learn that he learned how to read by using the Constitution.

When my ass asked him why, he said…"Because everyone should be able to read and understand the Constitution of the United States.”

A bitch pressed him…"Why not the bible?”

And he answered…"You can know and love God and not know how to read a single word of the bible. I moved onto the bible after I got that Constitution down right!”

“How did you preach without knowing how to read?”

“Child, the word of God is a living thing and we used to speak it far more than read it. We shouted it during the good times and chanted it during the darkest days.”

This bitch later learned that this man had basically memorized the New Testament. Being a bitch, of course my ass tested him and damn me to hell if he didn’t have the darn thing down!

A bitch took from a lot this meeting and my ass references it often.

For the purposes of this post, my ass mentioned it because of the words he left me with.

He took a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and slowly, in the way of older people, opened it up. It was a battered copy of the Constitution…torn and stained.

This was a document well used and well understood. This man knew it, took it out and read it often.

“My bible is just as worn and tattered. If a written word is important a person should read it until it falls apart.”

This bitch thought the Constitution never looked better than when is was clutched in those aged brown hands…living in his vivid mind and quoted with authority and great understanding through his wise lips.

So, in response to a certain comment, a bitch would simply say…the Constitution is our document, not just the learned and well educated...all Americans.

Who better to apply it than the citizens it was written to inspire and protect?

Just a little something to think about...


shannon said...

You might find this cool . . . when my husband was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy, he was given (along with all the other new officers) a pocket-sized Constitution. He had just sworn to protect it, and I guess they figured he ought to have a copy handy.

I think that's the coolest gift ever. He's retiring this June after 20 years and has applied to law school. I'm very proud of him!

AOB said...

As a christian I am always learning how to be humble in the face of greatness...thank you for another lesson.....

A bitch is humbled again.

christine mtm said...

i think that this is perhaps the best thing i have ever seen you write. work on that book... cause i will buy it!

Admin said...

In this day of distance education and pay for print diplomas, being 'educated' means squat.

Soulknitting said...

Excellent story about the older man and what he knew to be true in his heart and his life. Thanks for sharing.

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