Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Aaron Brown is leaving a bitch...

Aaron Brown is leaving a bitch.

Okay, Aaron and this bitch don't have anything really going on, but he is leaving CNN.

My ass knew they'd drive him off when Anderson Cooper started co-anchoring at 9pm CST.

Poor Wolfie is next in line.

Oh, Blitzer! A bitch sees your pain every evening as those crazy screens flash wildly behind you! Why! Why did they do this to you!

Shit. A bitch likes Anderson Cooper, but why can't my ass have some 360 and Aaron Brown too?

Fuck it.

What they need to do is give this bitch the 6pm slot and let my ass do the news with some serious bitchitude!

Fair thee well, Aaron Brown! A bitch shall miss you...


thatfarmgirl said...

Good grief. I step away from my computer for three seconds and the world turns upside down. As much as I love Anderson, he will never, ever replace Aaron. Sister, I would put you on the anchor desk in a NY minute.

Dixie said...

I'm so bummed! I loooove Aaron Brown. I stay up all freaking night so I can see him at 4am my time and I hang in until 4:30 just so I can see him for a half hour.

With him leaving CNN I'll never get to see him. CNN's the only US new source I have.

I dig Anderson but I don't know if I'm going to lose sleep over him.

Chris said...

Why would they ditch Aaron? And the CEO sounded a little miffed at him. He doesn't stike me as the type of person who kicked dust and got axed for some string fuck yous to the boss. He seems a level headed guy. So I wonder what went down??? And, sorry, IMO, Anderson cannot fill Brown's shoes. CNN must be going after the 25-30 set. That's all I can figure. If Brown shows up at FOX I'll throw up all over my remote. Is that what's comin'????????

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