Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Q&A with a bitch...

Get well wishes go out to a certain Detroit Red Wings player who gave us all a big scare when he collapsed during a game last night! Jesus! A bitch is glad to hear that he is doing well…it was very scary to watch. Now my ass can go back to hating all things Red and Winged.

Moving forward…

Sparkle Shortz posted a comment to a bitch’s blog! Fantastmic! A bitch’s LiveJournal fans rarely post to a bitch’s blog. Sadly, a bitch cannot post comments on LiveJournal. Sigh. But a bitch does adore y’all! Greetings and blessings!

Anyhoo, this bitch gets a lot of questions. Some are answered and some…well…a bitch likes to keep her secrets. And others are no secret at all...if you know a bitch...

Q&A with a bitch…
Why don’t you look angry in pictures?
A bitch hates having my picture taken. Most photos of me are taken after a bitch has consumed several vodka crans…oh, and my ass is usually surrounded by UCoB&LDD faithful who, of course, make me smile!

What is soul food?
Break my heart! Honey, a bitch is shocked! Soul food means different things to different people. To a bitch, it’s traditional black southern food that holds it’s roots in the history of the African in America and all the cultures that mixed together below the Mason Dixon line. People get fierce about their soul food…what type of corn bread is correct, grits or no-grits, sugar and butter in the grits or no sugar, smothered or fried, cabbage or greens and the list goes on and on. A bitch has seen people come to blows! But, anyway, bring your ass to St. Louis and a bitch will introduce you to soul food…STL style!

Why do you use black instead of African American?
Note…a bitch resisted falling back on the ‘it’s easier to type’ reply. This bitch went to a school that literally had the entire African Diaspora represented. We had a Black Student’s Organization, but then the African students wanted to break away…followed by the Caribbean students and then the fighting began. So, this bitch learned a lesson in language. A bitch is black…my history is that of the African in America…and my ass uses black because it is a more unifying term. Sometimes a bitch uses brown, because a bitch is a rather nice Hershey brown color most of the time except summer…but anyway, this bitch prefers black because my ass feels that it is a more inclusive term. And it’s easier to type.

What type of vodka do you prefer?
Great question! Loyal readers know that a bitch adores all thing Swedish…it’s the new 'it' country! Absolut is fantasmic and my ass likes their ads too. Being an international black bitch at heart, this bitch also likes Smirnoff for a change. But, when drinking vodka straight…yes, a bitch does indulge now and then in an ice cold shot straight from the freezer…this bitch likes Belvedere and refuses to hear any shit about it!

Okay…that’s enough for now.

Toodles until tomorrow, chil’ren!


Crystal-Lynn said...

What about Stoli? You used to drink that before Smirnoff Triple Distilled came out ... this reported usage versus actual usage is something we brand nerds are very precise about!


Rhiannon said...

Hi Black Bitch,

Just going through my blog roll friends to wish them to "Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week,and Love, Light and Peace for this World"..:o)

With Angel Blessings,


Anonymous said...

I was at the store the other night and I saw this HUGE tube of Smarties for the holidays, and I thought of you.

I wish there was a way to get one to you for Christmas, so you know where to find me right???

me knows you like them smarties !!

he he he


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site, ABB!

And you're right, collard greens with my turkey sounds like a very appetizing deal!

My mom usually picks and cans a lot of poke greens, which she has to mix with other types because they're so strong, but hey, if I can't have collard greens, I'll take the next best thing!

Have a happy Turkey Day!

Jeffrey Ricker said...

I can't believe I have to ask this, but....

So, if I'm a vegetarian (which I am) and I go to a soul food establishment, will I be able to find anything to eat (assuming that the greens are probably cooked with salt pork the way my mom did when I was growing up)? Besides dessert, I mean--though I'm not opposed to skipping the main meal and heading straight for the good stuff. But a ghost feels like he's missing out.

Daphne said...

Hey! Why can't you comment on livejournal?


One of your best LJ fans!

Shark-Fu said...

My darling Jeff...unless the joint is a vegetarian soul food place the best bet is to assume that a meat product has been added to everything except dessert.

Michael M. said...

What are the top STL joints for soul food? I'm on the lookout for new places to get my eat on.

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