Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Of couse he does...

A bitch failed to recognize a certain someone who dressed up like…well…an angry bitch for All Hallows Eve! My ass has truly arrived…though secretly a bitch is beyond envious of the height and density of that ‘fro!


Jumping right in with our eyes closed and toes pointed…

“Of course he does”…
A bitch just cleared away a post about Alito that my ass has been chewing on for the past 3 hours.

Just fucking deleted it.

Fuck it.

A bitch is weary of this debate. My ass is disappointed that the political right would be so eager to tear down Roe that they would refuse one nominee because she wasn’t defined enough on the issue then push for another nominee because he was so clearly defined on it that his own mother knows…without question…what his opinion is.

When asked whether her son opposed to abortion rights Alito’s mother said “Of course he does”. Sounds like conservatives have picked the right man to accomplish one thing…one very certain and clear goal…when his ass gets on the bench.

A bitch can’t stop thinking about all of the collective energy thrown into the abortion war. Both liberals and conservatives spend tons of money, energy and effort fighting battle after battle to either protect, defend or destroy Roe.

At least once a week this bitch drives past the Planned Parenthood building, which is almost always under siege by some protest group or another trying to one-up the last group in the graphic imagery contest that is a pro-life protest.

My ass used to want to yell or throw something at them.

Now all this bitch wants to do is take their hand and walk them down the street to the Habitat for Humanity building. A bitch wants to introduce them to some of the single moms enrolled in the homeownership program at Habitat. Afterwards, a bitch would love to take them to a build site so that they could see what was and what will be. My ass would take them on a tour of a typical St. Louis city school…with the walls falling down, the violence in the hallways and the flashes of academic excellence that still shine through.

A bitch is weary of this battle. My ass is weary of being judged to not cherish life by people who never once participate in any life but their own.

My ass is tired of social conservatives who do not invest in our society.

A bitch isn’t going to participate in a nuanced debate about Alito. My ass will leave the particulars to some other blogger…Bitch PhD is sure to have the 411 on this fucker once she gets done with her research.

This bitch would like another nominee, Mr. Scooter. A bitch wants a regular chick…broke, freaked out and skeptical of the world. Give a bitch your average woman and let those legal divas debate her on the constitutionality of it all.

Nope…not going to happen, huh?

Oh yes, a bitch is weary.

My ass is weary of churches that worship the god of profit, Christians who do not honor Christ in their behavior and Catholics who would force onto others what they choose…oh, yes choose… not to do within their own marriage.

“Does ABB oppose Alito?”

Of course she does…


Lisa said...

This, too, is what I do not understand. FOR THE LIFE OF ME ... I don't get why RvW is still an issue on the table. If you don't believe in abortions, don't fucking have one. But why is it okay for you, who does not agree with abortion, to tell me what I can do with my own body? (I'm speaking here of the collective YOU, not ABB her fine self).

And I totally agree, ABB. Take their asses down to Habitat or another organization that actually walks the talk and helps people. Let them do some good there.


Disgusted in St. Louis said...

My quick take on the Supreme Court nomination:

I would rather have ME on the SCOTUS. I'm at least as qualified as Harriet Miers. I would give REAL balance to the SCOTUS with its seven of nine jusitices appointed by Republicans. Finally, not only I would put the smack down on Justices Scalia and Thomas, but I would keep check on Roberts while partying with Ginsburg and Bryer!

Sue said...

I can't understand why this is such a battle. The govt can make abortion illegal, but that doesn't mean that women will stop getting them. They'll get butchered and die so death will happen. Rich girls will fly off to Somewhere Else and get abortions, poor women are stuck with children that can't be fed. It makes no sense.

Homer said...

ABB, I was thinking the same thoughts today. I'm just plain tired of the bullshit. Seven white men and the Professor and MaryAnn deciding how the rest of us should lead our lives. As Betty Butterfield would say, "Where's the Border?!"

christine mtm said...

abb, i can hear the depression in your words. and i'm with you.

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