Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A theorization...

A bitch slept like a rock last night. It must be the weather.

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk, 2 Sudafed (the real shit, thank Gawd), 1 Claritin and cigs…

So, my ass jumped around from the Today Show and CNN today. The news was lame. But one quote from Scooter jumped out at a bitch and made my fucking head hurt.

“Only one person manipulated evidence and mislead the world…and that person was Saddam Hussein!”




“Only one person manipulated evidence and mislead the world…and that person was Saddam Hussein!”

Well shit. Isn’t that what it all comes down to? Isn’t that the great unanswered question we have all been dancing around?

Why did Saddam allow the world to think he had WMD if he didn’t?

Well, a bitch has a theory on this.

ABB's Theorization on Why Saddam Tried to Fake out the World Regarding Iraqi WMD...
So, Saddam was faced with a serious problem. If he allows inspectors to really inspect Iraq for WMD he would be exposed to his enemies as a no-WMD having soft target. If he refuses to let inspectors do their job, he runs the risk of actually being invaded for a weapons program he’s only fronting about.

A bitch understands this logic. It’s not as if Iraq was enemy free in the region. Being a military threat was both an internal and external asset to Iraq…it kept feuding cultures from acting out within and it kept Iran from stepping up to the border again. Pretending to have a large quantity of WMD was not a bad political move. And ahving peopel think he had the bomb? Really helpful!

Basically, Saddam played a game of chicken. He was betting on a couple of things that didn’t fall into place. One was that the United States, already invested in a military action in Afghanistan, would not aggress against Iraq alone. And they weren't going to get international help without solid proof of WMD. Shit, that’s what everyone was looking for and we all know you can’t find what isn’t there! Another was that the world community would see deposing him as a destabilizing event rather than an opportunity to spread freedom in the region. Fuck it, if every freedom denying country in the region got invaded the entire region would be at war!

So, he rolled the dice and lost. Iraq refused to prove that they no longer had WMD hoping that the world would back off because they clearly didn’t. America presented false evidence to the world because they really wanted to invade Iraq and, fuck it; he probably did have WMD…so what if we can’t prove it? The world, for the most part, balked. America said fuck you, we’re going anyway. Iraq, no longer the military power, folded and Saddam was exposed for not having the WMD he let everyone believe he had.

This entire mess…this costly endeavor…this fucking war…for what?

Over a fucking game of international chicken!

No wonder Scooter is pissed. His lie wouldn’t have been a lie if Saddam hadn’t led him to believe a lie that Scooter never bothered to prove with the truth because he was so sure Saddam wasn’t lying!

Jesus...this man's logic makes my head hurt...


Hammer said...

Have you read the Chapter 7 U.N. resolution yet?
It's all there...all the answers, well, most of the answers.

Oh well, I just keep waiting for their stupidity to reach a point where it snaps back and kicks them in their heads.

Until then, I will keep protesting and rabble rousin'.
Also, I have to say that in light of current world events, I've been able to come up with some damn funnny political songs!

Hooray for political music!

Also...go to Ft. Benning this weekend!



AOB said...

Saddam played the internationalgame of cicken while he sent his WMD's to Syria.
This shit is not over yet.... stay tuned...

AOB being in airplane shit has worked with some pretty scary people herself....

Daphne said...

This makes sense, because I remember feeling like the dumb girlfriend at the side of the road as the cars go over the cliff wondering WTF? I TOLD THEM THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Now we're all screwed!

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