Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dine Out for Life with a Bitch…

It’s that time of year again…Dining Out For Life!

Dining Out for Life is a fundraiser for St. Louis Effort for AIDS. The event…well, actually it’s a lot of events taking place at one time…is November 29.

That’s a Tuesday, people!

Check out this web site for information on who, what, when and where.

Oh, and plan to join this bitch at Atomic Cowboy for dinner! Atomic Cowboy on Manchester (down the street from Freddie’s) is donating 100% of food profits made that night, so prepare to eat people. My ass has sampled a Mexican chicken salad gordita from Atomic Cowboy and it was yummy!

A bitch said FOOD not Drink, so don’t come back at me with some bullshit about how you drank $200 worth of vodka crans and why doesn’t that count!

Anyhoo…save the date and my ass hopes to see you there.

More info. Will be posted closer to November 29th!


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