Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh no he didn’t…!

As this bitch sipped her coffee this morning a certain Scooter made his second nomination for Justice O’Conner’s replacement to the Supreme Court.

Scooter, properly chastised from the right for his first nominee, chose Judge Samuel Alito.


Well, that’s different.

Still a lousy choice, but definitely different.

ABB’s Mind-Based Conversation this morning with Scooter…
ABB…"What the fuck are you doing? Have you lost your motherfucking mind?”

Scooter, with a serious whine…"I’m working hard! This is hard work! Give me a fucking break, bitch. I need to find my base again!”

ABB, with temper…"You couldn’t find your ass with both hands, motherfucker!”

Scooter…"Fuck you! This is my nomination and y’all will have to deal with it. I’m the president!”

ABB, speaking softly…"Scooter, you do understand that proceeding with this new nomination will be a declaration of war.”

Scooter slurred back with attitude…"Yeah, what of it! So, is this war? Do you fucking liberals want a piece me? Jump on in, honey, ‘cause the conservatives have warmed this fucking pool up for ya! Fuck this fucking shit!”

ABB, on a whispered breathe…"Fine…WAR!”

Let the battle begin...


Crystal-Lynn said...

Oh, how dangerous the liasons can be ... war indeed. Nice post, fu!

Homer said...

I'm so over this president. So. Completely. Over. His Royal Wretchedness.

christine mtm said...

oh good, another white man. yippee.

sigh, i can't even watch him anymore because i get physically sick each and every time.

is it almost 2008?

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