Wednesday, October 19, 2005

An update and some other shit...

A bitch would like to think all of the concerned social workers that contacted me regarding Bill’s situation! Last night my ass was cursing all social workers, but hearing directly from several of you my ass must revise my opinion.

Bill’s dental appointment has been rescheduled for this Thursday. A bitch will be there. My ass is a wee bit anxious…it’s hard to see him get upset. So, a bitch is sending prayers to the Devine One that Bill will be more at peace and allow this cleaning to get done!

A certain social worker’s boss has not returned my fucking phone call. A very bitchy message has been left with the Executive Director, Residential Director, a certain social worker’s boss and a certain social worker.

A bitch will be heard.

One of my biggest pet peeves is returning phone calls. This bitch thinks phone calls should be returned within 24 hours. Now, my ass understands that a person may want to avoid returning a phone call when the message is irate…but a bitch doesn’t give a shit.

Anyhoo, my ass will keep y’all posted!

2 cups coffee with real sugar (a bitch needs to go to the market) and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 Sudafed and cigs…

When murder hits home…
A bitch was trying to avoid thinking about the drama of my brother’s care last night. My ass didn’t turn to the elixir of vodka and cran…that’s a dangerous road to travel down. Instead, this bitch turned to CNN!

Legal analyst Daniel Horowitz has been thrust into the public eye in a very tragic way. His wife was murdered in their home. He found the body.

The facts of this case are still coming together, but a bitch is more interested in the spin and who’s doing it.

Horowitz did an interview with Nancy Grace, most likely in an attempt to prevent her from drawing unsubstantiated conclusions and convicting him on national television…that’s just her way. Tonight he will do a live interview on Dan Abrams' legal show.

Nancy Grace, being the publicity hungry media whore that she is, plopped herself on CNN real quick. Nancy went on and on about how legitimately distraught Horowitz is and how he had an alibi.

Abrams did much of the same on the Today Show this morning.

A bitch is disgusted.

First of all, we don’t know the facts of this case. What we do know is that most people are murdered by someone they know…boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, mother, father…oh, and husband too. A bitch knows this and any lawyer fresh from the bar exam should know it too. Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams should certainly want to protect their friend. What they shouldn’t do is cross that fucking line between friend and legal pundit. Fuck it…it’s not like their trained lawyers who would know that drawing conclusions this early isn’t wise.

Also disturbing is the appearance of Horowitz on television so soon after his wife’s murder.

A bitch comes from a tradition of theatrical public grief, so the fact that his ass can fucking speak makes me suspicious. Note to Horowitz – anything you say or do may be used against you in the court of public opinion. Get a lawyer and cease doing interviews. Jesus, she’s not even buried yet!

This bitch can’t even fucking count the number of suspects who have had their reputations dragged through the mud by various media whores trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Time after time, these so-called legal pundits have drawn unsubstantiated conclusions and have articulated wild theories. Now, when one of their own is knee deep in a gruesome killing, they present this united front of support. Shit, Nancy Grace is a fucking character witness for Horowitz and he hasn’t even been charged!

This stinks to high heaven.

For Horowitz, the frenzy he loves has hit home. Copters fly overhead and the media is camped out in front of his house. A bitch would have respected him more had he withdrawn…it would have been human and moving to see a man who loved the spotlight demonstrate some fucking class and move into the shadows to mourn his wife. Instead, he chose to circle with the sharks.

Should we anticipate a live feed from the funeral?


Admin said...

Big spin from the start. I guess since he wasn't there he didn't do it? No possibility he paid someone to off his wife right right? I wanted to snatch those fake eyelashes off her two faces.

Rhiannon said...

It has never made any sense to me when anyone who loses someone they love to murder,would even fanthom talking on tv about it right away like this. If you are truely "grieving" you have to go through this natural process and its gut wrenching and for people who lose a loved one to be able to just go on tv shows and talk right away like this makes no sense to me. I would be in shock crying, grieving wanting to be alone with family and "left alone"...grieve, then maybe publicly talk about it later, contributing to the investigation. I even think the character, actor Peter Falk played in that old tv show as a detective would gracefully wait until after the funeral the grieving,etc. to start in asking questions and bugging them in their grief on tv!.

I even have a hard time with parents who lose their teens to murder who come on those shows like Fox and just keep going on and on about it, because they have not taken the time at all to grieve over the loss,only to just keep being interviewed constantly on tv for months trying to find the one who did it..I don't know I don't quite understand this mentality. Its too exploitive. Dare I ask if some of these parents are paid every time they go on these shows? I want to know? Is that why they have so much funds to keep traveling all over and going to the islands and staying in motels in order to find the murderer? Somethings wrong here? Is it just me or does it seem to some that a lot of people get off exploiting themselves and their personal lives when tragedy hits?

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to come on national TV if your child is missing, otherwise you're being exploited. Ratings!

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