Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday bitchitude and a dream-based beating...

A bitch is a wee bit philosophical about the indictment and resignation of Scooter Libby today. My ass hopes that the investigation into the possible involvement of Karl Rove and the rest of Scooter W.’s minions continues on to completion.

But this bitch is feeling…well…angry.

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 Sudafed and cigs…

Last night in my dreams, while my ass was contemplating which implement of correction to use on Scooter Libby, a bitch pondered the shit storm that is the Valerie Plame CIA leak case. As this bitch ran my fingers across the merciless rods of correction at my disposal all my ass could think about was how everything would have turned out if Scooter W. and his minions has acted differently.

Instead of my regular dream based beating, this bitch strapped Scooter Libby into the four points of instruction and started out with a little conversation.

ABB’s Dream-Based Rant to Scooter Libby on the Eve of his Indictment…
Motherfucker! Why the hell would you do such a stupid thing? It’s not just that you responded to criticism by using the weapons of government against your enemies and it’s not just that you lied and encouraged others to lie about the evil shit you did!

The problem, Scooter, is that you failed to listen and then react correctly. The evidence you acted so aggressively to protect WAS FUCKING FLAWED! The war you so vigorously promoted WAS NOT JUSTIFIED!


If you present evidence and someone disagrees with your interpretation or the validity of that evidence, you should listen! After you digest their argument, you should represent the case. If they still disagree then maybe your evidence is bullshit! But what did you do? You went into attack mode!

Dumb assed motherfucker!

Stop looking at me like my ass is crazy!

If you and your fellow minions had only listened to all of the people who told you your evidence was bullshit…would we have gone to war? Would we still be engaged in combat trying to establish order in a chaotic shit storm of our own creation? Would 2000 Americans be dead? Would the world hate us? Would our credibility be diminished just when we need it most? Would our resources be depleted? Would parents be crying and chil’ren be parentless? Would our nation be depressed and apathetic? Would your master plan be in shambles? Would America be broke and pimping ourselves out to China?

Fuck it.

Would your ass be about to get corrected?

Open your eyes, honey. This is going to sting...

ABB’s Post Ass-Whooping Contemplation…

A bitch should get paid for doing such noble work.

This bitch secretly believes that Scooter Libby was still feeling the sting of the ABB rod of correction when his ass typed up his resignation letter this morning!

Chil’ren, have a safe and happy Halloween!


AOB said...

Yes yes indeed a bitch should get paid. The only problem I see is: Can they afford you? Bitchitude the likes of todays bitchitude is one thing"

Mother fucking preiceless!!!

Way to go!!!

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Steve Gilliard made some excellent points this morning at The News Blog, in his post Why a Libby indictment is crucial:

Everyone is chomping at the bit over a Rove indictment and missing the point.

Yes, everyone would like to see that turd get his comeuppance and be frogmarched out of the White House. It would make for great theater.

But after the emotional satisfaction, what we really have is a man protecting his boss. He would have smeared you if it was to protect Bush. He wasn't plotting to run Iraq, he didn't care who ran it unless it made Bush look good. Jail would suit him fine, but he's only a part of this.

Nailing Rove doesn't nail the neocons.

I. Lewis Libby, otoh, is more important. Far more.

This is not the election, this isn't about us winning, this is about national security, and while I know a lot of people want to hammer Bush through Rove, the stakes are much higher than that. Bush is well on his way to collapse, trial or no trial.
First, Libby was part of the neocon circle. He knew all of the key players, and thus, as his boss's factorum, he was representing Cheney directly. When people from Bolton's office got Plame's name, that's who it went to.
Second, if you eventually want to get to the forgeries and the lies which led us into war, the route lies through Dick Cheney and his man Scooter and not Rove and Bush. While Bush may have wanted war, he contracted the work out to Cheney, who then went to Libby, who was obssesed with the subject.

Remember, it was Cheney leaning on the CIA for positive words, it was the neocons like Wurmser and Flietz who challenged the CIA. People who worked for John Bolton. Is Karl Rove tied to these people? No. But Scooter Libby is and so is Dick Cheney.
It was the neocons who led this country into war, with their man Cheney at the helm. Bush was an eager client, but they were the sales team, And as long as they have power, this country is in danger.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ABB, I just wanted you to know that when I rushed home yesterday and turned on CNN and had my small indictments orgasm (secretly thinking about Rove and how this orgasm would've been so much sweeter had he been included--Disgusted in St. Louis' comments notwithstanding), I totally was also thinking about you and your reaction to Scooter's fall from grace. Your post, as usual, did not let me down. Thank you.

Admin said...

Problem is that Scooter and dem did away with Office of the Independent Counsel. They wanted to burn Bill over a blow job but this should get a pass. Never thought I'd say it, but we need Kenneth Starr.

Anonymous said...

I smell something fishy in the air and it's not the smoked salmon on today's lunch menu.

Hmm. Indictment and impeachment for a blowjob.

Resignation and slap on the wrist for lying to the world regarding governmental daily operations.

Politics in action.

That aside, have a happy Halloween, Ms. B!

Margaret said...

Anyone with a thisclose to the Leader of the Free World should NOT have a nickname that the general public knows about, especially Scooter!!

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