Friday, October 07, 2005

Post #1 - Bullshit...

It’s Friday and this bitch has a lot to say. So, expect several posts today…

2 cups coffee followed by Splenda and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 Sudafed and cigs…

A bitch was pretty pissed off to hear that the Catholic Church is now searching for gays in the priesthood. After years of scandal and too many victims of priestly abuse, the Catholic Church has decided to resurrect The Inquisition…right here in St. Louis…against gays. A bitch is amazed that the Church is still attempting to view pedophilia as a component of homosexuality, but then again they also think wearing a condom is abortion. At any rate, this bitch was pondering the Church’s inability to grasp the difference.

My ass has also been having deep and thoughtful conversations with Brother Rob about the world and how fucked up it is. We’ve debated education, health care, the plight of the working poor and race. Yesterday we discussed education, chil’ren, the relationship between sex ed. and abortion, hope and the evil light of reality.

So, when my ass settled down to watch TiVoed episodes of Oprah last night this bitch’s mind was primed. The episode was about child predators in America. Specifically, the fact that many child abusers are given slaps on the wrist and released to prey on children again. Oprah was fierce and angry. She has established a reward for the capture of offenders featured on her web site. Every Friday Oprah will provide updates and feature new offenders.

Please take time to view this information.

Oprah’s show on child predators featured a huge screen of young, happy, innocent faces…children who are lost and have been victimized in the most horrible way. Many of the young women this bitch volunteers with are survivors of sexual abuse and Oprah’s statement that these are all our chil’ren is an opinion shared by this angry black woman too.

As a bitch continued to watch, the show segued into a rundown of last year’s high profile child murders. Child after child, family after family, investigation after investigation, funeral after funeral flashed across the screen. The number of cases that took place in such a short time overwhelmed this bitch. Once the show was over, my ass sat back and digested the information.

The Catholic Church is hunting gays, chil’ren have been put at risk by the unmonitored release of child predators and conservatives are rallying to attack…well…gays/working women/minority rights/working families/privacy rights/women’s rights and the list goes on and on.

It all boils down to this one clear thought for me…while we debate the bullshit we fail to tend to real bitness.

While the Catholic Church mounts a campaign to seek and remove gays from the priesthood…chil’ren are still in danger because pedophilic priests are not the target of this investigation…and pedophiles, not gays, were the assholes who raped and molested chil’ren then utilized the protection of the Catholic Church to continue to RAPE AND MOLEST CHIL’REN!

While conservative Missourians mounted a well-funded campaign to constitutionally prevent same-sex marriage…communities sat uninformed and unprotected from the very real threat of violence against the most vulnerable and their families.

While this bullshit ruled the airwaves real problems and real threats went unaddressed.

Imagine the impact of a national campaign to educate chil’ren about their safety.

Imagine the impact of a Federal Amendment for chil’ren’s rights.

Imagine the impact of a funded study on pedophilia that utilized the information garnered from the multitude of pedophiles within the clergy and sought to better understand how, why, when and can we stop it.

Imagine a Church protecting its youngest members rather than harboring criminals.

Imagine if all the money, effort, phone calls, canvassing and energy that was put into Missouri’s Amendment 2 had been put into advocating legislation that would fund treatment, fund police monitoring programs, fund case workers and parole officers, call for longer sentences and an education program for adults and chil’ren.

A bitch has been inspired by Oprah’s show but my ass is also ashamed of what our society chooses to do in the face of what it should do.

This bitch shouts SHAME to every hate-mongering conservative who spent one hour marching against same sex marriage but hasn’t spent a second working to make this society safe and whole.

This bitch shouts SHAME to the Catholic Church for harboring criminals and fiends then using a sex abuse scandal of their own creation to inspire an atmosphere of hate, violence and oppression. Did you learn nothing? You are unfit to judge!

And this bitch joins Oprah is saying enough. Sit down, shut up and listen, motherfuckers! Our communities have very real threats and our families face very real challenges.

If you are unwilling to address the real danger then step back and let this woman get to work.

But my ass will no longer take the bait and validate the premise of bigoted declarations.

We are at war against evil here at home, chil’ren, and the casualties are mounting.


PissedOffPencil said...

This problem is not limited to the US. All over the western world the men in charge fail to recognize the problem.

I only read one of the storys on Oprah's site. It was too heartbreaking to continue reading.

Shark-Fu said...


One down and too many more to go...

Way to go Oprah!

BarefootCajun said...

When I worked for the Sheriff's Office as an investigator, I was assigned all the cases involving juveniles both as victims and as offenders. I got to the point that if I'd had to work one more molestation case, I would not have been able to behave professionally. That's when I had to transfer out of there.

Anyway, our parish sent our child predators to a program in Lake Charles, Louisiana as part of their sentences. This particular program went on the belief that child molesters cannot be rehabilitated because pedophilia is a sexual orientation as much as heterosexuality and homosexuality are. This program believed that a pedophile should NEVER be alone with a child and should not be in situations involving children. They required that the pedophile never go anywhere alone and that he/she kept an in-depth journal of his/her thoughts and actions. This was one of the few programs like it in the country.

I do believe that they are correct in their thinking. Therefore, the only way to keep a pedophile from attacking a child is to keep him/her totally away from children. Looking at pedophilia as a sexual orientation makes one realize that it is beyond the pedophile to rehabilitate. What then is the solution? To protect the children, pedophiles must be locked away.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your post! Thank you for thinking and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for making such great sense! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, churches, the right wing fundamenalists and most importantly, society at large, is totally unaware of the roots of child sexual abuse and the scourge of pedophilia. One fact that is overlooked so many times is the fact that the pedophile goes to great lengths to cover his or her tracks and cares not of the gender of the victim. Most however, are in the profile of married heterosexual male with 2 or more children of his own. The gay person who is out about their sexuality is the least likely individual to commit acts against children. My partner and I made a hypothetical challenge: If a christian couple were to leave their children in the care of someone would they choose us, an out gay male couple or a married male they knew nothing about and who just happened, unbeknownst to them, to be a child molester. Sadly for them, they would choose the molester just because of their ingrained anti-gay biases. This is how this problem continues to grow and go unsolved, the acts are committed by "trusted" members of society.

bold as love said...

Concerning the Catholic Church hunting down and removing gays from the priesthood. The overall majority of the molestations commited by Catholic priest were of the same sex. Does that mean Gays are more prone to pedophilia--hell no, does the Catholic Church have a right to remove Gays from the priesthood- yes, last I heard Priest were not supposed to engage in sexual acts period.
What we should be asking is how in the hell did this society allow such weak-assed laws that pedophiles get out of jail and commit more acts against our children---it's simple, I remember the ACLU having a duck over convicted sex offenders pictures and addresses being available to the public. I heard the argument about privacy coming from Liberals--yes, liberals. The ability to move amongst children without suspicion is something pedophiles must have.
This whole fuckin' mess is a result of conservatives concentrating on gays and liberals to god-damned worried about the rights of sex offenders- There should have been a simple basic law- you prey upon our children and you die.

Maven said...

Nothing more than a modern day witch hunt!!!

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