Thursday, May 19, 2005


Once again, in an attempt to get out from under the pile of work on my desk, I came to work early. This is getting to be a habit! Pre-civilized morning television was all I caught, but two blips were enough to wake my ass up!

We’re building nations here, damnit!
The President has announced that the United States is officially in the nation building business. We’ve been fucking around with nations for years, but now we’re throwing some money behind it…above the table, that is. There will be a civilian corps, which will have the duty of infiltrating fledgling democracies when “trouble” heats up. All this talk of building democracies got a bitch thinking.

How exactly does one nation go about building a democracy within another? I’m seriously asking, because I’ve never seen a democracy “built” before. A bitch would like the current administration to slow down a bit. Iraq has got your ass a wee bit excited about the possibility of democratizing the world. Son, that cake aint out of the oven yet. Why don’t you see if it taste like shit before you pop twenty more in to cook?

On the topic of trained civilians stepping in to assist young democracies when “trouble” heats up, a bitch has a few questions. Who exactly decides what “trouble” is? Were we causing “trouble” when we booted the Brits out? Were abolitionists causing “trouble” when they called for an end to slavery? What exactly will this corps of civilians do?

A bitch thinks “civilian corps” is code for shadow army and “nation building” is code for expanding the empire. A warning to the French – keep a sharp eye on the borders ‘cause Scooter has a grudge and he aint afraid to invade!

But who will keep the home fires burning?
The second blip that caught my eye was that the House almost approved some sort of measure that would restrict female soldiers from fighting on the front lines. Being an anti-war bitch myself, I didn’t immediately see this as an issue. But somewhere around my third cup of coffee I got a wee bit concerned.

Why, in a time of war, would you restrict the willing from frontline service? Why, when the armed forces can’t recruit for shit, would you remove from your ranks those that are already locked in to tours of duty? Could it be that, faced with the inevitable need to reinstate the draft, the armed forces are simply removing the gender question from the table? Hmmm.

See, one of the critical problems with reinstating the draft is that women have never had to register for it. Men do, but women have always been exempt even after we gained the “right” to serve in active combat. Our government has been grappling with the need to establish "equality" in "tyranny", and this bitch thinks this new move toward restricting women from frontline combat is their solution.

Time will tell, chil’ren.

Tic Toc goes the clock.


P/O said...

couldn't agree more - it just seems logical to me that democracies have to be chosen and built from within, by the people that they will consist of. is there any example of a successful system of government being set up by an outside force?

Matt said...
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Morrigan said...

"Nation-building" is the Republican PC term for "Expansion of the Evil Empire."

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