Monday, May 16, 2005

Equal Time...

Last night was a total dud. A bitch was writing out bills, for the love of cheesecake! I did catch up on the Sunday chats (I love you, TiVo!), my favorite being Reliable Sources on CNN.

Howie, a bitch adores you!

It was a wee bit odd having Arianna Huffington on to discuss whether she needs more outlets to address the masses, don’t you think? Basically, you gave her more media time to discuss whether she needs more media time.


Wait… a bitch may be getting ahead of herself!

Howie, here’s how you can make amends for inflicting Arianna Huffington on the world one more time. ABB would like equal time!

ABB’s Initial Pitch to get on Reliable Sources

I don’t like the way Arianna says the word “blog”; it sounds cheap on her trend-whore lips. I’d like to know what Arianna’s favorite blogs really are. Are they diverse or does she only hang with the "beautiful people" on-line? It's a valid question, because her ass was name-dropping certain bloggers like a wanna-be “it girl” in the Hamptons discussing yesterdays lunch.

A bitch is concerned about who these “guest bloggers” will be. Why not have a welfare recipient blog about…well…welfare? Or how about a convict discuss prison reform? Oh, and I propose having everyday bloggers submit pieces. As it stands, Arianna's free-form voice of the people site is, in reality, just another outlet for the same old talking heads.

Howie, a bitch welcomes Arianna to the fold and would be open to some equal time. So, grant a bitch 5 minutes on Reliable Sources! I guarantee a free and open discussion devoid of name-dropping and spin. Okay, that's a lie. But, fuck it, the names I drop will be new and I can spin as good as Miz Huffington. I may even throw out an original thought!

Come on…live a little, Howie. Clearly, you are desperate for content. Drop a bitch a line…

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