Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gasping for breath with my head barely above water…

A bitch has been drowning under deadlines! Stress overload!

As I tread water in this ocean of shit...

Wow, what fantastic feedback on yesterday's post. Opinions and debate! A bitch is thrilled and grateful for the sharing! If the President of Mexico's comment has stirred folks up then it was worth it for that alone.

If you caught the morning news you most likely noticed that all hell is breaking out on the Hill. It's about time those motherfuckers came to blows! All this rope-a-dope bullshit has been driving a bitch crazy.

Are You Ready to Rumble?
In the right corner, we have the Republican majority! Under the leadership of Senator Bill Frist, they seek to rubber stamp the President’s judicial nominees by forcing an up or down vote on the floor. Watch out for that wild upper right cut know as the Nuclear Option! Frist has his weapon loaded and is aching to use it.

In the left corner, we have the Democratic minority. Under the feeble voiced leadership of Senator Harry Reid, the Dems are holding firm to their opposition towards a vote. They know all about Frist’s Nuclear Weapon and they plan to make his ass use it. In their arsenal - the ability to bring the Senate to a halt on all other bitness. The downside – will anyone even notice?

Frist, addressing the Senate on the nomination of Priscilla Owen “I’m tired of this bullshit! If you bitches filibuster I’m going to open up a can of whoop ass on you that will make the Robert Bork battle look like a pre-school scuffle! You better vote and I mean vote now!”

Kennedy, red faced and full of bluster “You must have lost your goddamned mind, talking to me like that! I don’t have time for your '2008 potential contender' posturing bullshit. Fuck you and your culture of life!”

Reid, ever the voice of reason “I can’t understand why you would go to these extremes to force a vote on a candidate who is to the far right of the Texas Court, is a member of the board of the Houston Chapter of the ultra-fascist Federalist Society and traded rulings for Enron money back in the day. Jesus! Why are you spitting on me? Get your hands off of me! Oh my God….!”

Kennedy, grabbing Reid from behind and pulling him physically from the microphone “Jesus to God, shut the fuck up! God damned reasonable motherfucker! Step aside son, and take some notes! Now listen up, motherfuckers...!"

Yep, it’s going to be an old-school street fight up on the Hill. There was a time when Senators actually gave enough of a shit to come to blows during debates. This kind of pre-vote trash talk makes a bitch hopeful for the future!


Morrigan said...

They still come to blows in other countries. Can you just imagine C-Span's ratings if they started doing that here?

I'd have to go get me some popcorn for that!

Jeffrey Ricker said...

I can't wait to see this throwdown. Anyone who tries to take on Kennedy is going to get their ass sat on until there isn't a breath left in their lungs.

They should sell tickets to this shit.

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