Friday, May 20, 2005

Have you lost your motherfucking mind?

A bitch was up early this morning. News that several members of the black clergy stood beside Senator Frist yesterday in support of Janice Rogers Brown snapped my black ass to attention.

To the members of the “Black Clergy” who stood beside Frist...

Shut…the…fuck…up! SHUTTHEFUCKUP!

You do not speak for me. No one asked you to articulate the thoughts of black Americans. We did not hold a fucking “black peoples” election and decide that 6 of you over-paid, $500 suit wearing, $70,000 car driving, wife of the deacon undercover fucking, moral hypocrites could articulate “our” position on Federal Judges.

Didn’t you even ask to see Janice Rogers Brown’s resume? Or were you so thrilled that massa…oops, I mean Senator Frist asked your tired idiotic ass to stand next to him that you didn’t even care what he was saying? Jesus to God, you make a bitch sick.! Did you feel compelled to support Janice Rogers "I hate the workers of America" Brown because she’s black? Don’t you know by now that black aint always correct?

For the record, you slow assed wanna-be Martin Luther King, Jr. assholes, Janice Rogers Brown...

Opposes the minimum wage
Does not believe that workers should be protected from an unlimited work-week
Does not believe in, support or have any intention of protecting Social Security

You look confused! Are you trying to figure out why those positions are bad? Has your privileged “don’t pastor looked good dis Sunday” ass moved so far up The Man’s behind that you no longer see how POLICY impacts the lives of PEOPLE? I see! Let me explain…

Mr. Black Clergy peoples, black people are still struggling economically. Many Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity, struggle to make ends meet. I know - shocking! The minimum wage is one of the only wage protections all citizens have. And it’s not good enough. Take it away and The Man will lower wages even more and plunge the working poor into abject poverty. I hate to say it, but blacks are usually among the first to get on the bus to Shitsville. Thanks for throwing your support behind that! Great job! Fuckers.

Before the government set limits on the workweek, Americans were working themselves to death. Yeah - shocking! The rich got richer and the poor sank deeper into the grave with each miserable 18-hour day. So, motherfuckers, attempts to end controls on the workweek only benefit The Man. But, what would you know about work? You uninspired peevish shits.

The President pitched Social Security reform directly to blacks this year. His argument was that black families need additional protections because our men die younger than the national average. Let’s not get into all the reasons for the early mortality of black men, the fact that most black households are not headed by a man or the truly sick nature of pitching reform based on "y’all are early to the grave" numbers. Suffice it to say, most blacks haven’t invested for shit and will need Social Security. Do we need to do better? Yes. Will that take away the need for a stable Social Security program not subject to the whims of the Stock Market? No. Dumb assed attention seeking shits!

A bitch has no idea why the daughter of a sharecropper would flip over to the dark side. I suspect that it has nothing to do with God, prayer or morality. I do know why a tired ass irrelevant money-grabbing preacher would shimmy up to Senator Frist…the quest for power.

Brothas, you’ve just wasted your worthless time. The Man doesn’t share power. The Man doesn’t respect you or the people you pretend to represent. The Man will not offer you advancement for Uncle Tomming it with him on the Hill.

You just sold your soul for a dime and your dumb ass is bragging about the profit.

Shame on you. Shame on the media for reporting on you as if you represent black people. And shame on me for not calling you corrupt shits out earlier on this blog.


Maven said...

I feel precisely the same way about Dubya (or as you refer to him, "Scooter"). Who died and made him the mouthpiece for Christians in the USA? I don't much care for these fundies trying to undermine our democracy and their attempts at regulating morality and contriving to turn the US into a theocracy.

Let's all join hands, singing Koom-by-ya and then lose our minds screaming off the rooftops that this is a SECULAR COUNTRY... this shit makes my blood boil.

And I agree about the opportunistic bullshit and doublespeak that runs rampant in most of our churches... perhaps that's part of how or why I (and many others like me) feel alienated and have yet to affiliate with any one particular church, mostly due to how exclusionary, hypocritical, or mercinary some of their doctrines can be.

I don't know about this "Rapture" stuff, I was raised Episcopalian and never once heard that stuff--and now it's all the fundies focus on--the hereafter, rather than the here-and-now.

What gets me are some of these groups/churches who are pro-Zionistic and "Rapture-focused," working towards the messianic goal of "the law of return," and assisting in getting the descendants of the ancient Hebraic tribes to return to Israel (one that sticks in my mind is the group of Ethiopian Jews who were air lifted into Israel in the late 80s), as it's part of the requirements for Jesus' second coming--regardless of the fact that if or when Jesus returns, all of those Jews they "assisted" to return to Israel will burn in hell because they didn't accept Jesus as their own personal savior. I find that opportunistic, mercinary and just outright distasteful to use the Law of Return as a means to an end.

Black or white, I am always suspicious of politicos mixing it up with religion, and conversely being in church or temple and having political discussions. The longer I live, the more and more I see that the line of appropriate venues for discussion is blurrier than ever. I feel it does everyone a great disservice by using religion as a manipulative tool to win votes.

craftydiva said...

So glad Bonne Marie @ posted a link to your blog on her site. Without question, this is my new favorite morning read. I can't even comment because I'd just be redundant so I'll just say excellent post! Go girl!

Admin said...

Found you while doing a search on Prince Albert's baby mama. Wow. Are you related to Gill Scott-Heron? Soooo few intelligent black people left on planet earth. Your blog will be mandatory reading daily from now on.

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