Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Chil’ren, we have a lot to cover.

Do They Have a Hallmark Card for this Shit?
Newsweek has apologized for and retracted the published story about an alleged incident in which U.S. soldiers flushed the Quran down a toilet during an interrogation. Newsweek has been falling on their editorial sword for several days now. After a certain point all this horse beating gets tired. Having said that, a bitch was fascinated by the following…

Where are the reporters/journalists/whatever they call themselves these days? Michael Isikoff and John Berry must have the best fucking P.R. hacks in the business, because their names have been omitted for almost all of the news items about this story. Seems only Newsweek is willing to name names, which should earn them a reprieve from this beating.

The blurb in the May 9 issue of Newsweek was not the reason Muslims took to the streets. The blurb and the subsequent reporting about it may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. It’s about nuance, kids. Oh, and a general understanding that the Islamic world has had enough of our shit.

The Rumsfeld quote relating to this matter was an absolute stunner. Something like “People need to be careful about what they say.” Don’t you love that? Rummy, your irony takes my breath away! Still Rumsfeldian after all these years...

Some other nitwit said something like “A certain journalistic standard needs to be met.” Yeah, but you weren’t saying that shit when they were knee deep in your "build up to war" bullshit, were you?

And finally, is the story wrong or was it poorly sourced? Opps! That's a question. My bad!

On to Mexico!
A bitch did read about the unfortunate remarks made by President Vicente Fox of Mexico. Having lived in Texas for many years, I was concerned that this would spark up the strange inter-brown struggles that plague cities in the Southwest. A bitch loves her brown brothers and sisters, so let's not start burning shit down over some bullshit.

To clarify for Mr. Fox, most blacks in the United States trace our heritage back to slavery. We did not choose to come here and our relatives worked shit jobs for no pay for over 100 years. Having paid our dues we now seek some fucking advancement, which our second-generation immigrant brown brothers and sisters should well understand. If we did want to work hard labor jobs with no health insurance for below minimum wage, I'd have to renounce my angry black membership. Having said that, I do understand why folks are flooding over the border. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing; that's why our people made for Canada back in the day!

A bitch was disappointed, but not surprised. What did surprise me was that no one turned the tables back on President Fox.

Hey asshole! Instead of bitching about our immigration policy try building an economy at home. You know...Mexico? This bitch doesn't think you have a damned thing to be proud of when your citizens are fleeing north and all you can do is bitch about how slow the fucking line is at the border.



Joe Miller said...

This is the first intelligent blog I've read about the newsweek bs. Thank you.

Maven said...

Anyone following the Boondocks cartoon strip for the last few weeks would be drawing a lot of conclusions to all of this about the media and the perceptions.

In Boondocks, one of the kids decided he was going to do a marathon of t.v. watching so that he could do his own study on his observation that the only blacks he sees on t.v. are sports and rap stars grimacing and sweating.

IMHO the only reason why you don't see more t.v. shows like the Fresh Prince of BelAir or The Cosby Show is because it's not really a money maker. It's much more lucrative to exploit black rappers and sports stars, and in the end doing a great disservice to a large majority of the black demographic who are hard working, educated people, maintaining nuclear families and not buying into the same type of "black-sploitation" which happened in the movies of the 1970s.

The unfortunate shit with this is, for whatever the reason, a lot of kids now are growing up in single parent households, for the most part SIGNIFICANTLY unsupervised, watching entirely too much violent t.v. and watching trashy, over-sexualized, violent rap videos, thinking that is the be all and end all, the alpha and the omega of who they should grow up to become.

And I agree, that some of the most-vocal aren't saying or emulating the best things.

As far as injecting some hyperbole here, the Mexicans running north of the border for a better life is in a sense the same type of desperation that some Palestinians endure, however rather than running elsewhere after the Palestinians have been disenfranchised, dispossessed of their homes and livelihoods, they're strapping bombs to their bodies. It's a colossal cry for help, and rather than truly help these people, their governments gets bogged down in other shit.

Jez Chill said...

I was also greatly offended by the Mexican president's comments. He had a lot of nerve calling Blacks out as the scum of the American working class. I was somewhat relieved to read their apology.

The Smoker said...

Intelligent and entertaining. Blog On ABB!!

Maven said...

My uncle has a saying, "You forget what you're dealing with here." I think it applies to Senior Fox.

His country is falling apart, a hot bed of corruption, his own citizens want to be anyplace-but-here; yet, to detract from his own "house" as it were, casts dispersions upon United States blacks.

What do you expect from an asshole but a whole lotta shit and fetid wind? His apology is written on water--you think it means anything?

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