Friday, March 04, 2005


As I watched Martha Stewart emerge from prison draped in a dark sweeping shaw-like thing that gave fleeting glimpses of her now stick thin legs I heard disco. Yeah, disco music. I started to hum.....

Did you think I'd crumble!?!? Did you think I'd lay down and die (or is it cry - I rarely hear this song sober)??
Oh no not I!!
I will survive!!!

She throws an amused smile over her right shoulder and graces the press with a wave.

Work!! Work it girl!

I go to fix coffee number 2 and return to see Miss Thang enter her house. Will 6 months house probation be enough time to fix everything the maid has fucked up? Greet the dogs. Re-position a few throw pillows.

I adore Martha. Just adore her. No, I'm not star fucking. I'm giving a Diva her due.

If I could have staged her exit I wouldn't have changed a thing. Maybe added some theme music - I'm Coming Out! (the original by Miss Ross) would be playing as she, head held high, made her way to the plane. Other than that it was FANtasmic!!

Here's to Martha. May she long reign!


Anonymous said...

I discoverd your blog the other day and I'm hooked. I hope you don't mind that I linked you.

Anonymous said...

ABB, it was so great to meet you last night. I hope you'll visit my little blog when you have a chance. I'm toying with moving my stuff over to blogger, but right now you can find me at


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