Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary Operation Iraqi Freedom......

It is the two year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Let's recap what the U.S. lead invasion has accomplished, shall we?
  • Over 1, 500 American soldiers are dead. Untold numbers of Americans are injured. Unreported numbers of Iraqis are dead or injured. There were never any weapons of mass destruction, Iraq no longer has the ability to produce enough oil to pay us back, Iraq was never connected to September 11 and they now have more terrorists within their borders than ever before. Saddam is in custody but you know who is still walking around Pakistan like he owns the place. And I just dropped a fucking paycheck at the pump, which really pisses me off because there was a time when Western governments would have the fucking decency to pillage a country for it's natural resources post-invasion! Why come my gas is so fucking expensive?

What hasn't happened in the past two years?

  • I don't feel safer or more secure. I can't afford to drive and I have a small energy efficient bloody car. Afghanistan is still dangerous as hell, but making a killing on the world opiate market. Republicans are still searching for the "real killers" in the hills of Pakistan. Women in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia still can't vote or own property or express outrage about the fact that they can't vote, get an education or have any real role in society. Prison scandals have made Americans look like a reprise of The Hate That Hate Created. Canadians hate us. Europeans hate us. Our few allies are abandoning us to our new Vietnam. Our economy sucks. My surplus is gone. Missouri republicans are trying to throw 200,000 residents off of Medicaid. Old people can't afford medicine or food. Children are being left behind like a motherfucker. And I can't even score Sudafed without a fucking shake down because Missouri is in the midst of a Meth War.

But we're spreading democracy and freedom to the world, my brothas and sistahs. Thank God Congress is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical lobby, 'cause this Sistah is going to need a pile of meds to survive this shit!


mike said...

women not being able to vote in kuwait and saudi arabia is not because of the u.s. here in canada we just had four police killed busting a grow-op, by your logic if pot was legal we wouldnt have dead cops. if we didnt go to iraq true we wouldnt have dead soldiers, but at the same time how many more people would have been killed and opressed at the hands of saddam, or syria or wherever. its nice to live in a country where you can have opposing views. wouldnt you want that for others?

Todd said...

Oh I hear ya ABB. You are so eloquent, I leave the rants up to you. I just take my post 9/11 Prozac and wander my happy ass in to work each day. Lack of emotion is bliss.

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