Tuesday, March 15, 2005

American Justice

Given the recent drama in Atlanta, Milwaukee and the on-going Michael Jackson trial it will probably come as a surprise that right now I'm thinking about Rush Limbaugh. What happened to his Oxi-C addicted ass?

Any Sistah can tell you that justice in America has never been blind. Nope, that Bitch is just greedy. Let's explore the comparison between justice for Rush and justice for the average Crack Ho, shall we?

Rush - Spend years railing against drug sentencing and treatment programs. Imply that all drug addicts are all minorities and gang members. Garner huge ratings from red-state listeners by incorrectly stating that Democrats want crack sold in schools. Suddenly loose 100 pounds off your ample ass. Weirdly loose your hearing. Interview the religious right while flying high on Oxicotin. Solicit more Oxicotin from your illegally employed undocumented house keeper (who, totally against type, turns your hypocritical ass in). Get raided but not really arrested. Hire high priced mouthy lawyer who immediately books interview on Today Show to talk about the "violation to your rights" when the police seized your medical files from Dr. Feelgood. Keep fight over medical records going while checking yourself into posh treatment center. Paper over-worked "liberal" legal system for next two years. Stay out of jail. Drop off the press radar. Stay on the air. Totally ignore the raging Meth epidemic taking control of your bible-belt socially conservative zero tolerance home-town of East-bum-Fuck Missouri. Begin dating Daryn Kagen from CNN.

Decade long Oxicotin habit - Tons of money, honey.
Hypocritical stance on drugs while dosing during commercial breaks - Renewed Contract & Listener prayers.
Having the kind of money that makes all the evidence against you irrelevant - Priceless!

Crack Ho - Grow up in economically depressed area with no real education system, sex ed. and a confrontational racial profiling police force. Get pregnant at 15 by an older boy who promised to take you away from all this but still lives in his mamma's basement. Get kicked out of your home because, once that baby is born your Momma will loose her Section 8 housing if you stay. Apply for section 8. Try to work, but quickly realize that you will loose Medicaid and food stamps if you bring in any real money. Drop out of school. Sink into depression. Score some Crack from your Cuzen Peachy. Get addicted. Loose custody of child. Sink into deeper depression. Become Ho to pay back crack dealer who is also your baby's daddy but now seeks to get a profit from your once fine ass. Deal crack on the side. Offer an undercover cop a $5 blow-job and get arrested (after blowing him, of course). Face federal sentencing because they are now trying to get your baby's daddy for being a Drug Kingpin. Take the rap, because you know he'll kill your ass if you cop a plea. Settle down to 20 years without the possibility of parole and no visits from you baby who now lives with your Momma so she can get extra food stamps and a foster care check.

Growing up in a cycle of desperation and poverty - $0.
Loosing your self respect, dignity and freedom to crack and the streets - 5 tricks a day.
Going to jail because some asshole in D.C. is convinced that the war on drugs is working - Priceless!

God Bless America!

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P/O said...

brilliant! it would be hilarious if it werent so true and so, so sad...

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