Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Socially Secure

Democrats are scrambling to find a "message" to combat President Bush's threatened reconstruction of Social Security. Now, I'm a liberal (duh) but I've always distanced myself from the Democratic party because they get confused by this very shit. The two issues that currently have them chasing their tale are 1)How do we continue dissing the President's plan without having to eventually propose one ourselves and 2)How do we sell a band-aid solution now that Bush has convinced everyone there is a crisis. These two questions have been on the table for weeks and the circle jerk just keeps going and going and going.....

It's enough to make this Black Bitch long for Canada. But I'm a loyal American because I love a good useless spin fest. Social Security is a challenge and, damnit, this bitch is reporting to duty!!

AngryBlackBitch Talking Points on Social Security Reform
  1. Since the Bush plan is based on internal budget projections I'm forced to disregard the math altogether. These people can't add and they can't find their ass with both hands. Shit - for all we know we've still got a Surplus and Social Security is solvent for the next 100 years! Honestly, if you can't believe them when they say everything is going great can you really believe them when they say it's going to shit?
  2. Do we really need a solvent Social Security system beyond 2049? Honestly, how long can these people really live? It's not as if our generation really thought they were going to get that cash back? Just leave well enough alone, step away from that "private account" nonsense, give us our fucking cash to invest as we see fit and stop scaring the old people!
  3. This attack against Social Security is yet another attempt by the Medical Lobby to influence government policy! Who told them to keep old people alive for 100 fucking years anyway? Wanna save Social Security? Roll back all these "medical advances", re-introduce pork products to the American diet and let all the people smoke anything they want. How's that for ensuring solvency?
  4. Why is it that the only group in America debating Social Security is the one group that doesn't have to live with the plan they come up with? Wanna see these assholes come up with a real workable plan? Remove federal pensions and guaranteed Congressional health care and I guarantee this shit would be solvent as a motherfucker by next Tuesday!

Now, I really didn't care about Social Security until recently. Honest. I didn't give a rats ass. I don't have a lot of older people in my family and those that I do are taking part in what I like to call "Black Folks Social Security", which involves older relatives living with younger relatives until they get on someone's nerves and are then moved on to the next younger relative or knocked off by a deranged younger relative. But ain't a one of them hungry or homeless! Anyhoo, it's the thought of having a musty old person living in my house that's got me riled up. Believe this people - we need to fix this shit now or my musty Aunt Melnaud may be arriving at a home near you!

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