Thursday, March 24, 2005

Money, power and the joy of not giving a shit

Regarding the Schiavo case, I simply don't give a shit. I don't! I can't make myself care about this woman and her family and her husband and the fucking "culture of life". I'm going to be honest (as always, my dears) - I welcome a legitimate culture of life. I would love to see an end to inadequate medical care, hunger, famine, war, disease, hatred, rape, torture and man's inhumanity to man. But fuck the media and fuck the national debate for not seeing the putrid hypocrisy of this debate.

"In cases like this we should always err on the side of Life." Said President Bush. BULL-Fucking-SHIT! That's stink-on-ice buuuuuuulllllll-shit! I lived in Texas for over 8 years. I'm not 100% anti-death penalty - some of these sick mother scratchers need to die. But when you sit down for your morning coffee and Mr. Uniter-not-Divider (then governor) is waxing on about how he couldn't stay the execution of three men in one night because it would interfere in the will and autonomy of the courts it makes one a wee bit uncomfortable. Something was always freakish about the efficiency of that death chamber. Just imagine my surprise when that same hypocritical schmoo decided to jump all up in Florida's chili over the Schiavo case, thus interfering in the will and autonomy of the courts like a motherfucker! I can think of at least 100 souls that would have liked some consistency on that shit back in the day in Ole Tejas.

The separation of powers in our government was a deliberate act in response to the fusion of powers in the government of the assholes we had just kicked to the curb during the Revolutionary War. There was a reason for it. Which Bush seemed to understand as Governor while he was keeping watch over the most efficient death machine in the world. What could have possibly made him loose sight of the logic? What could have possibly done that??

MmmmmHmmm. It's money, votes and power, honey. 'Cause fear of a vengeful God didn't matter for shit in Texas, but fear of a vengeful conservative money machine has got your hypocritical ass dancing to a different tune.

So, no I don't give a shit and it's none of my damned business what happens to that woman in Florida. But you can bet your ass that this AngryBlackBitch is going to google living wills this afternoon.

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