Thursday, March 03, 2005


Yesterday Allen Greenspan shocked the press by announcing that the United States economy is going down the toilet due to the mismanagement of the federal budget. He warned that, if Congress doesn't cut spending, our nation will face a monumental financial crisis in the next decade. But I don't want to cut social programs for a war I never believed in - keep it real people, if you have 1 trillion $$ go towards Iraq then you have to take 1 trillion $$ from somewhere, don't you?!?

Now, I was already pretty pissed off that the Clinton surplus was shot to hell by the Bush tax cuts and the subsequent wars. Hearing that our deficit is out of control, Medicare wasn't really fixed and Social Security is under attacked didn't help. But knowing that these pricks plan to proceed with their original plan just makes me sick.

  1. Make the tax cuts permanent even though they have not stimulated the economy or created jobs.
  2. Overhaul Social Security by creating private accounts which will invest directly in the Stock Market, which is about as stable as a crack ho' jonesing for a fix.
  3. Continue to fuck with Medicare, make it so complex that the old people will fall out dead from the stress thus reducing the dependent population.
  4. Remove funding for school lunches and encourage prayer to overcome that empty feeling deep in the pit of your young belly - call it a fast, son, and give it to God.
  5. Address the welfare state by encouraging single moms to go out there and find a man, any man, and get traditionally married. Hey, marriage paid off for Laura and it can work for you, too!
  6. Abstinence only programs - yes! Condoms & sex ed. to cut down on the numbers of unwanted pregnancies - NO! You want funding, you need to keep those thighs closed.
  7. We're spreading democracy and freedom, assholes. Can you really put a price cap on that?

I am disgusted that I am being asked to do without when I never supported the tax cuts or the war. Angry Black Bitch Solution - tell the 70% that supported the war to freakin pay for it, reserve Social Security and Medicare for Democrats (if you don't like it then you shouldn't benefit from it) and make the revenue cut from the federal tax base revert back to the states who are broke because they have to fund all that Home Land security bullshit themselves.

I want my surplus back. I want Bill Clinton back. It feels like the inmates have taken over the asylum. And once they are done overhauling us into an "ownership society", they'll have created a society no one will want to own.

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Jeffrey Ricker said...

By the time those shmucks are done, there'll be nothing *left* to own. How could fifty-some million people have been so stupid and elected this putz?

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