Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am one totally ill Angry Black Bitch. I have engaged in two straight days of drinking and debaunch. Ill. Nauseous. It's been a great weekend!!

Regular readers of ABB know that I am a point counter. Weight Watchers. Goal = to be frightfully thin. Well, this worked against me as I drank myself silly this weekend. The stomach was empty. Nothing to suck up all that toxic waste. So, not only did I get blasted quicker but it last longer. And today, I can't even eat the plate of Southern Decadence (cheesy eggs, fried potatoes with onion, biscuits and jam with real-from-a-freakin-pig-bacon) that I usually indulge in post-debaunchery 'cause I drank all my bonus points last night!!


There is no justice.

Hugs, love and adoration to all friends and fans who I encountered along my wicked partying way!!

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This Guy said...

It's been 48 hours and I'm still plagued. Not even the box of Cookie Crisp and $12 at the Jack in the Box drive-thru have settled my hungover ass stomach. I can't even binge myself back to normality anymore.

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