Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why I Vote

I'm sick today. I've got a slight fever and a head cold. I'm still recovering from this weekend and I'm totally overwhelmed with life and it's many responsibilities. But there's a primary today and my black ass is going to vote.

Why My Tired Ass is Going to VOTE.
  1. Bitching Rights - if you don't cast a ballot you really don't have the right to bitch about elected officials. Sorry. That's a fact. Bitching rights are connected to voting rights, and that's reason enough to vote.
  2. Fear of The Man - As a woman of color, I was raised with a firm and lasting fear of The Man. The Angela Davis in me knows that deep down The Man has a plan to dominate my ass. Gotta vote to keep his ass in check!
  3. 16th Street Baptist Church - Four little girls died in the basement of a Birmingham church because a racist wanted to discourage Blacks from gathering in churches to press for voting rights. I vote because they never got the chance to.
  4. Suffrage - Long before Blacks won legal protection of voting rights women took it to The Man and won the vote. For every long-skirt-wearing radical-feminist fist-in-the-air suffragette I vote.
  5. Potential Revolution - Y'all know I'm just waiting for someone to disenfranchise me. Bring it on!

See you at the polls!

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