Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Breaking News - Jesse Jackson Unaware that He Is Irrelevant

Showing clear signs that he still believes that people give a shit about his opinions after his fall from grace (see baby's daddy incident at Rainbow PUSH), the Reverend Jesse Jackson jumped into the pathetic media storm swirling around Terri Schiavo and her fucking feeding tube.

Jesse arrived at the fucking hospice and called on Florida lawmakers to ........well.......break the fucking law and reinsert that fucking feeding tube.

"This is one of the profound moral, ethical issues of our time, the saving of Terri's life," Jackson said "And today we pray for a miracle."

Jesse! My brotha!! Clearly no one has had "the talk" with you and, in light of this recent public display of bullshit, someone has to. Honey? There's no easy way to say this.....but, you have lost the moral authority to use words like....well....moral, ethical and.....what the fuck, throw in miracle while you're at it.

I'm not judging you for getting your freak on with that young sweet thang a few years back. But your ass took life, liberty and the pursuit of ASS too far when you failed to wear a fucking condom and got that tail knocked up. Did Mrs. Civil Rights deserve that?

Having gotten that love thang knocked up wouldn't be all that bad - it happens all the time - but you need to understand that years and years of pontificating about morals and values went right down the toilet when you did it. Hello?!? You're a minister or a reverend or whatever. Here are the rules - ABB can go forth and fuck like a rabbitized freak. You have to turn that ass down and employ the power of prayer.

So, Jesse.....shut your irrelevant ass up. Zip it! And for the love of God, sit your tired Black ass down! Florida and I have had enough of your shit.


Jeff said...

But ABB, hypocrisy is a spectator sport all of America can watch and enjoy!

Oh, who am I kidding. Someone give that man a quarter so he can buy a clue....

Tiger Lilly said...

Girl, am I gonna have to sic you on Bill Cosby next? Please get his sorry butt, because if I hear him say one more thing about what black folks should be doing, I am going to throw up. Cheated on Camile again. Worthless lying bastard.

Great post.

justjudith said...

amen!!!!! he is starting to seem like an ambulance chaser!

freespirit said...

True that! My God, I stopped taking Jesse "Dr. Seuss" Jackson serious when he mocked himself on Saturday Night Live back in the day. He and Cosby both need to go sit down somewhere, old ho asses!

Mildly Annoyed Whuite Jack Ass said...

In other news: Angry Black Bitch fails to realize she is even less relevant.

Anonymous said...