Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dear Robert Blake.....

Dear Robert,

Congratulations! What a tremendous vindication, uh.....I mean victory in court yesterday. I'm thrilled that you were found not guilty of killing your wife Bonnie. What an evil scammer, huh?? I mean, so many people wanted her dead that it's no wonder the jury overlooked the gun at the restaurant and the solicitation of two contract killers. Way to pick a victim, uh..... alleged victim!

I guess you are curious as to why I'm writing you now. No, I'm not requesting more Baretta posters. Well shit, who knew you'd get off ? I was soooooo sure we'd make a killing on E-bay post conviction. Anyhoo, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for showing that fucked up justice isn't just the product of playing the race card! I couldn't have asked for a better case. Not only did you get off, but there was a "mountain of evidence", your White and it was tried in California! As an Angry Black Bitch, I am truly grateful that your high priced lawyer having semi-famous former child-star very much so not Black ass got off!

Yes, I too was disappointed that the media overlooked the verdict in favor of the Scott "ain't this horse dead yet?" Peterson coverage. But you've got to look beyond that, Robert. Not only are you no longer in the clutches of the worlds most famous grifter, but now you hold the high honor of being a reference point for all Black Americans when they are forced to debate the use of the "race card". Now, we can lift our heads high and say "Yeah, but how do you explain Robert Blake? He ain't even famous? And his ass sure ain't Black! See, it's about money, asshole. Oh, and the fact that the L.A. D.A. FUCKING SUCKS!!!".

Phil Spector has got to be dancing a freakin jig!

Yes, I'm returning the Baretta posters seeing as they are still fucking worthless. Good luck searching for the "real killers" and, sincerely, thanks. Toodles!

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Tony Grant said...

wow you are spitting fire!! you definatly need to ck out

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