Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And the walls...come crumblin', tumblin'...

A bitch hit an emotional wall yesterday.

It happens.

As an activist, I’ve learned that there are up days and down days…there are moments that inspire and moments that make one question what kind of world we live in…and then there are fucked up from the floor days that pile up, one after the other, and become the wall I hit yesterday.


I hit that wall and sat watching the NHL hockey playoffs, disgusted that I live in a state where legislators spend the bulk of the legislative session trying to deny Missourians access to reproductive health care.

That’s not new…the legislature does the same shit every year.

But that’s the kind of shit that builds the wall…the same wall I hit yesterday.

Adding to my disgust is the response many have had to Arizona’s new immigration law…and the fubar that is the oil spill in the Gulf…and so on and so forth.

I just sat there disgusted.

The Sharks beat the Red Wings.

And then I went to bed…a sorta-beagle warming my feet.

When I woke up this morning (the sorta-beagle is still sleeping…and snoring), I fully expected to still be too disgusted to practice the fine art of bitchitude.

But…and this may seem silly – fuck it…but I saw the story about how the Phoenix Suns basketball team will wear Los Suns jerseys to honor the Latino community for Cinco de Mayo.

And my disgust eased.

Sometimes the little things are the right things at the right moment…the perfect thing to remind a bitch that everyone doesn’t support the wrongs out there anymore than everyone in Missouri is thrilled that our state legislature is fixated on attacking women’s reproductive freedom like a beagle fixates on a new bone.

And the walls…come tumblin’ down.

And the walls…come crumblin’, crumblin’.




Come tumblin’, tumblin’…down.


***logs off to go get active while singing along with John Mellencamp***


Kelley said...

I have the same types of days but it's usually your blog that reminds me to keep fighting; keep agitating; keep raising my voice.

I got your back. Have a great day, Shark-Fu!

Michael Bersin said...

Amen. Amen.

Unknown said...

But I am so glad you continue to fight, because the war on women's reproductive choices is intended for no other purpose than to keep women and poor families down. Make no mistake, daughters of fortunate families have a "wealth" of options. It's only those who "have not" who have no choices. It is a way of hobbling the little people.

Don't for a second forget the way they glorify the fetuses, only for their hearts to harden once those babies are born. Then all they can think about is that their tax dollars might go towards nourishing that child or giving it any advantage. Those who protect the fetus are the first to kick the baby to the curb, and serves her right for having had the wrong mother.

Thank goodness for those who continue to fight for choice and reproductive rights. If the opposition manages to whittle away a woman's right to choose, what's next?

CeCe said...

Your blog is definitely fighting the good fight. Stay strong and know there are people out there that support what you stand for and fight for.

By the way, hockey is making me so happy right now. The blackhawks-cauncks game tonight was really something to see!

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering what exactly it is that these anti choice people are trying to achieve. I mean what do they really win if they get their way? I wonder if they even think of that and how can you vote to slash programs that would take care of babies and then turn around and force people to have babies that you don't want to help them take care for financially. What are they fighting for?

Ashleas said...

What I can't stand is how they deny women the right to prevent pregnancies in the first place through education and birth control.
As has been said many, many times, they force women to have children that may not be in the best financial situation to care for children. The children may be loved and, yes, even wanted by the time they are born, but the mother and sometimes, sometimes not, the father are not in the best situation to care for all the financial responsibilities that come with a baby. They may sacrifice their own well being for the sake of their child, which is something any parent would do, but I mean in the form of health care for themselves which puts a strain on the system when the parent suddenly needs health care due to a unforeseen illness or accident.

They want these children born, wanted or unwanted, despite thinking about the costs of caring for said children. And then provide outdated, or outright deny aid, to those who are burdened financially. Of course those who are anti-choice (not pro-life, but anti-choice.. I believe in a difference between encouraging life and outright denying a choice) tend to be well-to-do.

Case in point.. Miss Sarah Palin's daughter. Of course she had her baby.. her family could afford to have one. Yet if I was to have a child, it would place my mother and me in the poor house, whether that child was wanted and loved or not. They seem to believe that all the love in the world for a child can save it from a lifetime of extreme hardships but love can only do so much in a world where the dollar is king.

Craig said...

I always listen to a little Mavis Staples when I'm in the mood you are in.

Eyes on the prize, baby!

Unknown said...

This year was the first time in the ten years I've lived in Louisville that an anti-gay bullshit bill wasn't introduced in the legislature. Keep the faith, darlin'. It can happen.

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