Sunday, May 09, 2010

On Mother’s Day...

A longtime lurker sent this bitch an email asking me whether I dislike Mother’s Day because I am estranged from my mother. 

Interesting question! 

Here’s my answer.

I cannot and do not speak for all folks who are estranged from their mother or mothers this Mother’s Day…but this bitch appreciates mothers 24/7 and all year long because I am estranged from the woman who gave birth to me.

I have known the absence of maternal comfort, support and love…so it dazzles me to see it demonstrated by mothers I know.

Women who aren’t perfect but who parent with humor, love and dedication.

Those are the mothers I think of today.

So, no…a bitch doesn’t have a problem with Mother’s Day.

Parenthood isn’t for everyone but it fits some folks like a custom made glove.

A fluff of the Afro to mothers this Mother’s Day and I hope you have a glorious day…

And a very special Happy Mother’s Day to my aunts and cousins…y’all are fantabulous!

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Miss Trudy said...

I am sorry you are estranged from your mother. Mine died in December and I miss her so bad there are no words to express it. Nevertheless, I am tremendously glad I had her in my life and damn sorry for the times I hurt her or was neglectful. I hope that you and your mother can some day work things out. I have daughters and was estranged from one for over 2 years. I know I missed her even though I was very angry at her. I had to learn to accept things I don't like, and I am glad I did. I can only imagine your mother misses you too, a lot, even if she hasn't found the way of making you feel it or being accepting of whatever it is that has estranged you both. And I love your blog! I always read it, even though I don't comment often.

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