Sunday, May 02, 2010

A quizzical about the political chats this morning…

A bitch caught the Sunday morning political chats this morning and watched several spin masters discuss the tragic oil spill in the Gulf.  CBS Sunday Morning had very solid coverage of the spill and the impact it is already having on local businesses.  But, as I watched This Week on ABC, I couldn’t help but wonder why producers didn’t take this opportunity to invite Sarah Palin on.

Pause…sip water…continue.

I’m serious.

Sarah Palin made drilling off shore for oil a foundation of the 2008 election…she mentioned drilling at every opportunity…and she even questioned the patriotism of those who opposed drilling off shore.

So, why wasn’t Sarah Palin on every single show this morning?

Didn’t the very hosts who indulged the Drill Baby, Drill crowd in 2008 want to follow-up with those folks now that drilling has resulted in spilling?


I do.

I really, really do.

I’d like to ask Palin what her solution to this drama in the Gulf is…if her Drill baby, Drill policy would mandate remote shut off technology…what she has to say in defense of off shore drilling to the folks in the Gulf who, based on 2008 election results, voted for her ass and McCain.

But the rogue has gone silent.


‘Tis shit like this that makes a bitch wish I had my own political chat show…This Week in Bitchitude!


Nat said...

I do too.
(I might watch political commentary if someone reasonable were hosting it.)

Jimmy said...

"This Week in Bitchitude"

I would soooo watch that show!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It is odd that they didn't, or at least let viewers know they invited Palin but she turned it down.

Or maybe it's not odd at all, and just reflects the either the spinelessness or covert agenda of the media to play both sides against the middle... as in Middle America.

dinthebeast said...

I have never owned a TV, but I would get one to watch a news program that you hosted! (Unless you put a podcast on your website so I could watch it that way like I do with Jon and Rachel) I don't have the temperment for this stuff, and it sends my blood pressure through the roof. Sarah on the Sunday shows would probably be fitting if they actually made her answer for her positions. What my first mind wants to see isn't helpful, though... I get too disgusted and start wanting to see her swimming in it with all the poor creatures that have no other choice but to do so. Her and Dick Cheney both. Like I said, not a helpful take on this. Honest, though.

-Doug in Oakland

macnow said...

Trust me it is coming.

She is just getting the correct political spin answers "drill baby drilled" into her head.

Probably by good old Bill Kristol.

He is actually setting up the talking points and was all over the news channels laying it out like this beautiful ancedote, "we should drill even more and closer to shore and that would solve problems like these.... cause... if they happened more we could learn how to react, and if it was closer to shore the damage would not be anywhere close to this size."

I SHAT you not. When I heard him start to spin this piece of craptastic neocon lie I almost punched my TV screen.

My brain cells fused at this point, and I drooled for the next hour, I think I also mumbled stuff that would get me a visit by the G-Men if I put it into the blogosphere.

Anyways... Bill's "chosen one" or how I fondly call her, "Ho-zilla from Wa-zilla", will no doubt parrot this (with a little of her folksy charm added in) in the third or fourth wave news cycle (monday morning I am betting).

CeCe said...

I've heard worse from Rush Limbaugh. He said on his show that oil was natural and if we just left it there and didn't bother with the cleanup, the ocean water would take care of it. He thinks people are blowing this oil spill out of proportion.

What. The. Fuck.

Anonymous said...

It riles me that while smart, conscious people are unemployed, underemployed or worse,people like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are getting paid to be idiots. When did this become ok?

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