Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stanley Cup viewage – reflections on Game 1 between the Hawks and the Flyers…

Hockey is nothing if not unpredictable and Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals proved that shit…big time!

A bitch and C-Money settled down to watch the pre-game build-up on the NHL Channel and the anticipation was fantabulous.

Would it be a blow out?

Would anyone put on the foil?

Would nerves play a role?

Would the Flyers contain the Hawks top line?

Would Americans get a Don Cherry sighting?

Oh my!





A blow out?


Both teams got their score on, much to this bitch’s surprise.  I would have expected Chicago to drop some whoop ass in a high scoring game, but the Flyers held their own right down to the final few minutes.  There were 11 goals total with the wining one giving the game to Chicago 6-5…but Philly played with ‘em and met their firepower with some of their own.

Did anyone put on the foil, coach?

Nope.  There weren’t any fights and that too was surprising, since ‘tis obvious some of the boys would rather look at a smear of shit on a wall than some of the dudes on the other team.  Darn those NHL rules!  Tussles, high sticks, one unfortunate boarding incident and some shoving aside…both teams left the foil in the locker room.

Nerves, however, did make an appearance.

A bitch suspects that both goalies had a case of the jitters.  Both shat the bed a bit in the game…but Leighton was the one who got pulled.  Most the of the post game analysis says that the score-fest wasn’t due to synchronized sieve-ation between the pipes…but trust that this bitch will be watching the minders of the net closely in Game 2!


All in all, it was a wild game…with goals coming from expected and un-expected places.  My take-away is that this is going to be a serious series…both teams are there to win…and we the hockey adoring masses are in for some damn good NHL viewage!

That should make up for the fact that a bitch was assaulted by several shots of an asshole Hawks fan in full this-is-what-white-people-think-Native-American-war-paint-looks-like gear complete with a headdress and…wait for it…a tomahawk.

Pause...roll eyes...continue.

Lawd, give me strength.

I can only hope that the NBC cameraperson will skip the public displays of cultural disrespect in the future.

I mean shit, next time cut to a crazy ass Don Cherry rant or something!



Hawks 1 - Flyers 0 and onward to Game 2!

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Rileysdtr said...

Crazy bounces ruled the day. United Center ice even in the dead of winter is probably the worst of all "northen" cities; in the midst of a friggin' hot Memorial Day weekend? Ha - I'm just glad the players didn't have to skate around in circles to disperse a fogbank on the ice like the old building.

Leighton looked shaky - coach was right to pull him and let him settle a bit. Niemi looked fairly solid (3 of the 5 he gave up were aforementioned crazy bounces, 1 or 2 off his own defense) but he was dropping WAY too early into the butterfly; the Flyers caught on and tried to elevate the puck but... some crazy bounces went our way, too.

I would not have predicted such a high scoring game, but the teams stood toe-to-toe and slugged it out on the scoreboard. If I had to play seer I'll say this game it's 2-0 (Blackhawks, please the hockey gods) with 2 good fights bookending the 3rd period.

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