Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A bitch has been getting my lobby on…

Hi all!

A bitch has been in Jefferson City lobbying the state legislature to vote NO on the Abortion Restriction Bill.  This is the last week of session and, as usual, the legislature is working to pass a lot of pending shit before the bell rings at 6pm on Friday.


Longtime readers know that this bitch highly recommends the folks pay attention to their state and local government.  Legislators need to hear from their constituents – it is essential and does make a difference.

Trust me, they hear from special interest groups hourly…and legislators often define the values of their district by which voice in the special interest group chorus is the loudest.

Sigh again.

Since my ass has had to juggle dawg care and work with the drive to and from Jefferson City, I know very well that it isn’t easy for the masses to get their citizen lobby on.

But we can all send an email, pick up the phone and make a call and let our elected representatives know where the people stand.

Missouri lawmakers are poised to pass legislation that will add more restrictions to access to abortion services…restrictions that shame women, promise support for women who chose to continue their pregnancy that the state can not so will not provide and that do nothing to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies in the state.

And the same ridiculous shit is happening in state after state.

So this is my tired as hell, stressed out and generally disgusted with the ease with which some people pander to anti-choice organizations in an election year soap-box appeal to the masses…

Be aware…be vocal…and be persistent – politics is local and we the people cannot afford apathy.


Gawd, how I long to be able to say “Thank goodness that law didn’t pass!” instead of “My Gawd, I can’t believe that piece of shit is going to be law.”

If you live in Missouri and have not taken action against the Abortion Restriction Bill, please click this link and do so now.



Anonymous said...

Keep bitching. You complete me. But in a bitchy, stranger blogging kinda way.

Anonymous said...

I love your bitchpective, you keep right and meaningful. You share insight and understanding and you inspire and encourage.

You commented about the importance of getting involved with state and local government. A light bulb went off in my head. I'm at a place in my life where the things that get on my nerves, I want to do something about. Currently, I'm extremely upset with the incarceration of young men who don't pay child support for whatever reason. I personally know MANY men who love and take care of their children, not always financially when they're jobless, but they are very present in their children's lives. How does taking their license, jailing them and adding it to their credit help? I thought the idea was for the State to get their money back. There is NO support for men who do the right thing and I'm very upset by this. I have family and friends affected by this and I want to do something. So, I'm prepared to make phone calls, write letters and whatever to Georgia government to voice my concerns.

Any input on where to start from your awesome bitchpective?

You Rock!

Shark-Fu said...

I’ve found several blogs on the subject but a lot of them seem to bash black women when it would appear that the real problem is a system bent on incarcerating men of color for being poor rather than approach each situation on a case by case basis.

I did a quick search and found this group – I can’t vouch for them but they may be doing good work.

The Law Office of the Southern Center for Human Rights

Also, you may want to reach out to the ACLU in Georgia – if they aren’t working on the issue they will know who is.

Keep me posted!

CeCe said...

This shit keeps creeping closer and closer to my door. I hope the balance gets restored with this abortion crisis. These anti-rights people are killing me! And they are killing the chances of these kids that may be coerced to be born to have a good future.

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