Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain, rain and more motherfucking rain…

Fuck a duck.

Complaining about the weather is foolish…a bitch gets that…but damn it to hell and back, I’m tired of this constant rain so I’m gonna indulge in a bit of foolish complaining.

Is this what it’s like in Seattle?


I don’t know why, but St. Louisans drive like they’ve lost their damn mind…as if rain slick roads are triple dawg daring them to test their breaks.

And don’t even get me started on the wet dawg situation.

Two rain hating sorta-beagles plus one three-legged chow are also tired of this constant rain…and a bitch is tired of the aroma of wet or recently wet dawg.


At least we’ve got a steady drizzle and not a fierce storm.

But, fuck a damn rain soaked duck…we’re going to miss spring and skip right into a humid as hell summer!

***shakes fists at rain pissing sky***




I needed that.



Maurice said...

In Columbus traffic comes to a crawl anytime there's a heavy dew. People act as if the road is coated with inches of ice rather than a light mist.

Of course, driving as if they were part of NASCAR wouldn't be any better.

Courtney said...

I moved her a little over a year ago after spending nearly a decade in Seattle, and I can tell you with a certainty that this is *not* how it is there. Seattle gets something like 300 days a year of overcast conditions with "measurable precipitation," but it mostly ranges from a heavy mist to a medium drizzle. In the entire time I lived there, I saw maybe 3 thunderstorms. On occasion they get a heavy rain, but it is rare. If it rained there 300 days a year like it rains here, there would be nothing left. It would have washed away a long time ago.

My first roommate up there was originally from Florida. She said, "Oh, it doesn't rain here. It just spits all day."

Colonel de Guerlass said...

you do not know your chance : in Paris, there is a drought and I must irrigate, which is too early (and Parisian drivers are bad drivers, whatever the weather).

Shark-Fu said...

So sorry to hear about the drought...I'd send our water if I could!!

And I've experienced Paris drivers first hand...they make St. Louis drivers look tame!

V said...

Here in Seattle if it's been sunny for a day or two, everyone forgets how to drive in the rain. I think it's selective memory. They wouldn't live here if they really knew in their hearts how much it rained, so they forget the rainy days.
But it does generally just drizzle. We do have exciting windstorms, however :)

Joy said...

My mother in law lives in Portland, which is similar to Seattle, though I think the Portland rain may tend to condense into bigger droplets. But anyway, the point of this is that she has a dog and she has one of those button-on jackets for it, which helps prevent, or at least diminish, the post-walk wet dog smell. I always laughed at clothes for canines till I met her and realized putting a coat on a dog in the rain makes a lot of sense.

Museling said...

I second your bitching. All of this damn rain is turning an otherwise nice bitch into a surly bitch. But, Angry Black Bitch, you made me give a soggy laugh. Thanks.

SunTiger said...

You mean you have rigged an umbrella to fit over each of your dogs yet? I'm a woman of a certain age whose lived in and around Seattle all but ten years of my life. There's a very good reason why Seattle is the coffee capital of the world (we drug ourselves w/caffeine just to cope). The trick to living harmoniously w/Seattle dogs is to have a covered area where they can relieve themselves out of the rain. A covered overhang off the back of our house works awesomely for that purpose. Gotta admit ... the rain sure makes it pretty here (rain forest that we practically live in!)

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