Friday, May 21, 2010

Hockey Night in Bitchlandia continues…

A bitch caught Game 3 of the Canadiens v Flyers series last night.

The Flyers went in with a 2 Game to 0 lead in the series.

The Habs went in needing to win…to show the hell up and play a full 60 minutes…to recapture the fighting spirit that has fueled their remarkable playoff run.

Well, playoff hockey was in the house last night…big time!

Montreal came out gunning while the Flyers seemed to pay for every mistake and turn over.

Habs 5.

Flyers 1.

And some old time glove-to-the-face drama broke out in the 3rd period, so a bitch suspects Game 4 is going to be fierce as a motherfucker.

Next up, Game 3 in the Hawks v Sharks saga.


I love hockey…yes I do…I love hockey and so should you!


Rileysdtr said...

(happy dance for the 'Habs)

All Philly did was hold serve - now let's see if Montreal can do the same. It's not a series until somebody wins on the road, and both these teams (plus the Blackhawks) have proven they can do this!

I love this time of year!

AOB said...

A long time ago, when Wayne Gretzky was playing for the Indianapolis Racers, I went to a hockey game. I acted a fool, but I sure did have fun!

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