Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quote of the Caucus...

Andrea Mitchell 9:08pm CST on MSNBC regarding Senator Clinton's Iowa finish...

"Perhaps this is the David Letterman effect since she appeared on Letterman versus Jay Leno and Leno won."


And with that a bitch is done for the night...


The Lazy Iguana said...

what the fuck does that even mean? What did Leno win? A new car? The lottery? A trip to Oslo Norway in the dead of winter? A free kick in the ass? What?!?!?!?!

And what did Letterman lose? Besides his razor that is.

People on TV say the stupidest things sometimes.

Unknown said...

Anyone that considers that broad to be a political pundit needs help.

I can't believe they put her on those shows..seriously.

Moderate Democrat said...

The People Have Spoken, but they don’t know what they are talking about! Hillary came in Third Place. As Coach Woody Hayes reckoned Second Place to be the same as Last Place, Third Place is be a No Show.

To win, Obama and Edwards treated with the Republicans. I dare say that without the Repukes, both would be in single digits. Treating with Republicans is DANGEROUS business! If you make a deal with them, you don’t know what you’re getting. In the last 50 years, only two Democrats were successful at making good deals with Republicans, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton. Lyndon Johnson conducted the Vietnam War with Republican support and Goldwater’s advice, and Bill Clinton got Nafta and Welfare Reform. When John F. Kennedy tried it, all he got was Tax Cuts for the Rich. Treating with the Republicans is DANGEROUS business, and only Hillary has the expertise to get away with it. If Obama and Edwards aren’t careful, it will be the same as electing Huckabee, even if they win.

I am appalled with the repudiation of Feminism in this Election. Hillary alone voted and consistently supported the War on Terror. The Anti-Feminist Shari’a System of Justice that would be imposed upon America should the War on Terror be lost was not an issue. Some unpatriotic people made sure of that. Speaking of unpatriotic people, look at this photo of Barack Obama holding his prize possession during The Pledge of Allegiance:

As per “Joan” Edwards, just because you may spend a thousand bucks on a hairdo doesn’t mean that you are a woman or even a Feminist. As per his/her Two America speech, just remember that there is one America where greedy ambulance-chasing lawyers charge huge fees from Hedge Funds for the RICH, and another America where Humanitarians actually help their fellow persons, regardless of the cost. You can be sure that Hillary’s Health Care plan would be of that stripe.

If the People don’t wake up soon, we will have another Repuke in the White House, even if he has Democratic Party affiliation. When this happens, you shall surely be sipping Straight Absinthe instead of Cran & Vodka! Shame! Shame! Shame!

Anonymous said...

I thought the comment-of-the-night to note was Jack Cafferty's compliment of Obama--"he's articulate." Oh lordy, will white folks ever stop being impressed by a black person's ability to speak so-called standard English?

Shark-Fu said...

Bydlo you are a poster child for why Feminist Theory should be required in education.

Feminism can no more be repudiated based on the administration of this War any more than this election will be decided based on the Caucus results from last night.

This is a race, m'dear...and it has just begun.


Moderate Democrat said...

Tell Me O Great Black One, what happens to Feminism after the War on Terror is Lost? WIll the ffillment of Feminism be Shari'a Law? Here are the Rights of Women as according to Holy Islamic Shari'a Law:

1) The Right to bear Children.

2) The Right to wear a Veil or Burqua.

3) The Right to an Honorable Life (If you dress "immodestly", or talk to men other than your spouse, father, or brothers, you have the Right to an Honor Killing). Of course, if your Male Guardian is feeling Merciful towards you, you also have the Right to be Beaten.

4) The Right to be Married, which entails the Rights not to Drive, Practice a Profession, or Drink.

5) The Right to Istinjaa, that is, to Islamic Hygiene. That means that you have the Right not to eat Pork and the Right to shave all of your non-facial hair.

Just how have I missed the Boat on Femminism?

Shark-Fu said...

Well, the boat is over here and you are over there.

Seriously though, I'd love to get into how war promotes terror and hurts women but this is not a class, you're not my student and I'm not inspired.

Add to that the fact that you are clearly looking to spark up some shit in my comment section and...well, did I mention that I'm not inspired?

Unknown said...

bydlo is a male right? Somehow his take on Feminism doesn't shine any lights on the subject to me.

Like Christianity, Islam has various groups that go from right to left in how they interpret their faith. You seem to only want to point out the extremist pov bydlo, and paint it as the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else smell troll up in here?

I hate the way the Right strikes a sudden (and false) feminist pose by trying to link the so-called "War on Terra" with women's rights issues. Look, the War on Terror is a neocon wet dream cooked up by a bunch of greedy, discredited, resource-grabbing, anti-American corporate whores, namely the members of the PNAC (Wolfie, Rumsie, Dickie, etc.). Their dream of world domination is fading fast, thank god, or allah, or whomever. In fact, thank The People, who are finally seeing through that crap. The neocons don't give a damn about women's rights, and only pretend to when it advances their sullied, unstated intentions.

Just because we've had a couple of major terrorist attacks in America (and those took place a fairly long time ago by now, no?) doesn't mean the country is anywhere near being in danger of takeover by Islamic fundamentalists. Please stop chasing this red-state red herring. If you really care about women's rights, think more deeply about the many, many ways that those who shriek about "terror! terror!" actively work to subvert women's rights.

Saskia said...

"this is not a class, you're not my student and I'm not inspired."

I love this response, Shark-Fu! I'm going to borrow it, if you don't mind, in other contexts.

Thanks for the blogging last night; I really enjoyed it.

faboo mama said...

Bydlo...your last post was quite possibly one of the dumbest misinterpretations of Islam I had ever seen. If you don't know what you're talking about, then it probably wouldn't hurt for you to read a book. Note that there's a difference between what is in the Qur'an and what is called Shari'a in so-called Muslim countries.

But all this confuses me because I'm unclear exactly how Shari'a law will usurp the Constitution. I daresay, that the Muslims in America would be the first to stand up to defend the Constitution over Shari'a. I mean, there is a reason they've left their home countries. Besides, the Talibangelicals have been trying to shred the Constitution and have been enforcing their own Shari'a-like laws on us. Or is that okay because they say it's based on the Bible instead of the Qur'an (keep in mind the simple fact that everything in the Bible is also in the Qur'an).

The rest of your comment is based on delusion, frippery and fright. It must be exhausting being you. Seeing boogeymen where there aren't any. Just your own shadow.

Anonymous said...

You shure put dat Troll in his Place! It is silly to believe that Wimin's Rights iz about the Ethical Treatment of Wimin. Let the Arabs beat their wimin senseless. Dey don't matter. It's not as if dey were reel peeple.

Fiminizm iz about Soshulizm and about makin trubble fer Min! I'm with yew, shark-fu. De War on Terror is Bull. So what if we lose? Hoo cares? Wee will just wear Veils an Life will go on. BFD!

Shark-Fu said...

Ahhh, the troll revealeth himself to be what we all knew his to be!

Took you a couple comments, didn't it son?

Let's see...where did I put my How to Respond When A White Person Assumes That All Black People Speak Ebonics and Uses That Ignorant Shit to Try to Put Me In My Place handbook?

Found it!

Get thee gone from this place of power before thy weak mind explodes...

Unknown said...

The smell of troll just got a bit worse methinks.

Time to get out the pooper-scooper Shark Fu! ;p

faboo mama said...

Poor, stupid, racist troll. What kind of moron actually equates being Arab with being Muslim? That's like assuming all Indians are Hindus or all Americans are Lutherans.

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