Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chaos, my black ass...

I’ve just got to share how proud I am of my Voter Education students!
They called me yesterday around midnight to talks politics and that means that a bunch of exhausted working mothers who are also students stayed up to watch election returns.
Lawd, I'm so bloody proud my face hurts from smiling!
Listening to young women argue about politics and debate policy with passion and depth fucking rocks! Having them call at midnight to say that they are thrilled that Clinton, Obama and Edwards are all going on because they want to be able to consider all three for our Missouri Primary in February…well, shit that was just fantabulous!

My students are new voters and sometimes fresh eyes see things I may miss. They have no interest in the Democratic race being decided early because they want a chance to have their say! As far as they are concerned, it’s a good thing that more states will vote before a top candidate is revealed.

Damn good insight, huh?

Mayhap CNN should have my students on and tell Ralph I hate women Reed and Bill I’m a racist asshole Bennett to go fuck themselves twice on Sunday.

Anyhoo, the results of the New Hampshire Primary do not throw both races into chaos. The results make a race out of this thing...for the life of me, I don’t know why that annoys pundits so much…and any campaign that is thrown into turmoil after one Caucus and a Primary needs to pack up and head for home.

The way I see it, this country made a monumental fuck up in 2004 and all the talk about change is code for political divorce. Good…we totally need to kick Scooter B. to the curb! But the last thing we need to do in that process is rush headlong into another commitment without dating for a while.

Lawd, I’ve watched girlfriends put more time into shopping for shoes than we’ve put into this current election cycle.

This shit is just getting started...


Anonymous said...

The race drives the pundits nuts because they have to be right, and the only way they know they'll be right is if only one person is racing...

Yankee T said...

Brilliant, yet again.

J said...

One of the stories on Yahoo today said, "Edwards still in race after loss in NH", and I thought, Hell yes! I mean, one caucus, one primary, and people are shutting down and going home? That's insane. Let's have some more votes cast first, please!

Well said, ABB. And kudos to you for your work with the voters!

Anonymous said...

I am with your voters, 100%. I was incredibly happy to see that around 9pm last night (California time) that Hillary was projected to win. Not because I want her to win, but because I too don't think it would be right for two small states to make the call (to the press) for the rest of us. If Obama had won, he'd be the only one getting press coverage for the rest of the primary, even though only very few delegates would have actually been decided. And that would be a travesty. Now, maybe Edwards will win South Carolina, and Richardson Nevada... Wouldn't THAT be something! :-)

Infuriated Faggot said...

Hey ABB! I don't know if you have many ex-pats reading your blog, but maybe you should include the link so people can participate in primaries/vote from abroad. . . here it is: . .

I'm sure i'm not the only expat reading you!


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, ABB, if you can swing the logistics of getting your working mothers up to Iowa next time, they would have a blast asking the candidates questions firsthand.

Perhaps more important is that they would probably ask questions that the candidates, the audience, and the media need to hear.

My wife wanted to vote for Richardson, but she didn't like that the NRA once endorsed. So she asked him about it. I want someone--anyone!--to end the Iraq debacle, so I asked Dodd to filibuster the war funding.

Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, et al. can jump in the Raccoon River, as far as I am concerned.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why working mothers wouldn't be able travel from St. Louis to Iowa for a weekend of birddogging candidates. But we're all smart and resourceful, and we have at least four years--oh, please let it be more--to make it happen.

Mo said...

the race is def on...

Anonymous said...

I go to other blogs, and they just piss me off.

I come here, and you cheer me up.


I'm doing political coverage for and would love to interview you about your classes.

Maya's Granny said...

When you write about the work you are doing with your students and how well they are learning it is like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you.

rikyrah said...


FYI: Yet another one of these 'Isolated Incidents' of racial insult towards Obama.

Hat tip:

Dept. of word choice

A prominent New York Clinton supporter, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, on how Hillary beat Obama in New Hampshire by beating him at retail politics:

”It’s not a TV-crazed race. Frankly you can’t buy your way into it,” Cuomo said. “You can’t shuck and jive at a press conference,” he added. “All those moves you can make with the press don’t work when you’re in someone’s living room.”

Are you going to tell me THAT isn't racial?


How come it seems as if, we repeatedly get these statements coming from the Clintons, and/or their surrogates, and then we're either given a phony apology, or we're told we 'misinterpreted' it.

English is the PRIMARY language of the Black community. We understand it when we hear it, and don't need anyone else to interpret it for us.

But, oh yeah, we're ' imagining' it.

Here's the ' Update' from

UPDATE: Though the report I link refers specifically to New Hampshire, Cuomo called to play the tape of the interview, in which he says nice things about Obama, and in which the quote above is describing both Iowa and New Hampshire -- meaning it's not a direct reference to Clinton's primary victory, or attempt to explain it.

"Barack Obama is a beautiful symbol. He's a powerful speaker. He's a charismatic figure. And what he has to say is important for the Democrats," Cuomo says in the interview, with the New York Post's Fred Dicker.

"It was never about Obama in the first place," Cuomo told me of the use of the phrase, which he said he was using "as a synonym for 'bob and weave.'"

Once again, the ' explanation'.....yes, I can see how ' bob and weave' can evolve into SHUCK AND JIVE.

As for the 'nice things' I imagining things, or did Bob Kerrey say ' nice things' as HE delivered the smear too?

I'll keep on repeating this:

When 'Isolated Incidents' cease being ISOLATED & INCIDENTAL

They form a PATTERN.

Accept what the PATTERN tells you.

Margaret said...

"...this country made a monumental fuck up in 2004 and all the talk about change is code for political divorce."

This is genius, and all I can add is: I wish it was an annulment!

(I just discovered your blog and love it.)

SjP said...

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