Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unfolding even as this bitch types…


Senator John McCain won it all from the Florida Republican Primary yesterday. Now, the same pundits who were questioning his sanity are praising his tenacity. All questions about political mental soundness have now shifted to Rudy Giuliani.

Mitt says he won’t quit, but clearly Super Duper Tuesday is a make it or break it day long multi-state deal for him.

And a bitch can’t be the only political junkie who noticed the subtle verbal indication that a certain Huckster is in the running for Senator McCain’s next in line should the GOP ticket wrap itself up February 5th.


Dropping out…
Rudy Giuliani, having run the most random and illogical campaign of my lifetime, is expected to drop out and endorse McCain.

And John Edwards has announced that he is dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

Pause…sip water…continue…

Regarding the Edwards announcement, a bitch is beyond impressed with his request for a poverty pledge from Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. News outlets are reporting that Edwards is asking both candidates to pledge to make the war on poverty a serious focus of their administrations should they be elected.

In our nation’s history poverty is the only war we appear to be comfortable losing.

What I like about Edwards request is that it is completely doable. More to the point, most policy issues require that poverty be factored in.

And domestic tranquility requires that poverty be addressed.

Universal healthcare would redefine poverty in America. We, as a people, would be able to tackle illness and disease proactively…dramatically cut the cost of medical care for every citizen…improve our fellow citizen’s ability to participate in society…and remove the price tag from wellness and the privilege from health.

Living wages and labor issues are rooted in the war on poverty. My own Great Grandfather stood with his union brothers and walked the line to demand a living wage, dignity and job protection. Not a damn thing has changed but the date.

Poverty is at the core of the new educational segregation. School in poor communities struggle while schools located in wealthy communities flourish and I’m not so concerned with the fact that many Americans think that’s right…I’m more troubled with how can anyone with a clue could think that crap is beneficial!

Affordable housing, environmental responsibility, corporate responsibility, support for independent farmers and agricultural workers…foreign aid, dismissing the debt of third world countries, committing to viable anti-hunger programs and establishing international relationships built on respect rather than power….all of this is worthy of our attention, focus and commitment.

John Edwards should be commended for reminding us all that combating poverty is central to our nation’s security and future.

We can no longer afford to simply be pleased with a slight reduction in poverty rates.

We must act.

We must commit.

And we must demand a like commitment from those who seek the honor of representing us in government.

I, for one, am grateful Edwards took this moment to remind us all of that


Jay said...

Health care is the key. Universal health care does change everything. Everybody knows that preventive care is far less expensive than waiting until somebody is sick.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shark- Fu your sotu exogesis was brilliant, and funny AND TRUE.

It makes me sad that Edwards is dropping out, he just could not win for losing , or gain traction. I sent him some dough ,yep. BUT now i will fully to commit to OBAMA all the way. Its just got GOT TO happen. My reasons for utterly distaining Hillary , have nothing at all to do with GENDER. As i have said on my blog and have lost "friends" over it too boot. I wouldn't vote for her if she were a BLACK LESBIAN - its about her POLICIES, her CLINTONess' a thought of a dynasty and soo much more.
I want to shake some of these women in particular , who really are astounding me politically - who insist on clinging to "wanting to make history this way" Shit , Thatcher was a woman too.

Also one of the MOST ear pricking statements out of Billary's mouth or someone..that set my crew cut to hurtin was that Clinton WAS amerika's FIRST black president.

That is beyond patronizing ! Its soo wrong on soooooo many levels.

I am putting all my chips on Obama. Hoping to see historic voter turn out. Anyone interested in how Hillary is breaking the rules I would send you to for a very exquisite snapshot and the Michigan and Florida debacles with the DNC and the delegates etc.

Blue said...

"In our nation’s history poverty is the only war we appear to be comfortable losing."

I don't know, I think the war on drugs is running a pretty close second if not nose-to-nose (validity of that war aside).

I'm sorry to see Edwards gone. He may not have gotten media coverage but he clearly changed the dialog of the campaigns and IMHO was the only one of the three likely to push on economic fairness.

Anonymous said...

Ditto proudprogressive. I wholly was for Edwards (& I'm black & queer), but now it's on to Obama....

Foobar said...

I just mailed my Super-Tuesday absentee ballot this morning, knowing that Edwards had just left the race. Well, then mine's a protest vote then -- that the Democratic party needs to focus on progressive, anti-poverty, healthcare-is-a-human-right issues.

And ditto to proudprogressive. I am so tired of hearing from the media how I should want to vote based on my gender, orientation, and ethnicity.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post and the others I stumbled across this past week.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. Edwards knew when to say when and did it with dignity. And it means a lot to me personally, being an expatriate New Orleanian, that he both started and ended his race in New Orleans. Thanks for bringing America's attention back to New Orleans, J.Ed.

But I'd still be happier if he'd endorsed Obama. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, the Democratic debate is down to two, and it will hopefully be a good one. No hitting below the belt, right? (yeah, right...)

Actually, the debate I want to see is between Bill and Michelle. That would be one for the ages!

Anonymous said...

I feel that Edwards waited too long to drop out. He was clearly on the ropes after South Carolina, if not New Hampshire. Each day that passes devalues his endorsement.

Hillary clearly has no use for him, and if Obama loses, both Obama and Edwards are through, finished, and kaput. Therefore, it is in Edwards's best interest to team up with Obama and make the best deal he can as quickly as he can for mutualy self-preservation.

I am not as optimistic about Hillary as most of you. Many who have worked for her have learned that if you are percieved to have crossed her, she will get you. Backers of Edwards, (ie Unions, Trial Lawyers, and the Poor) can expect Hillary's retaliation, as can the disloyal backers of Obama in the Civil Rights Coalition. If Hillary gets in, you can expect a NAFTA II as well as Welfare Reform II. and perhaps some Barriatry Reform Legislation on such a scale that would make a Republican blush.

Edwards needs to endorse Obama while his endorsement is still worth something.


Dave Coulter said...

I quit paying attention when Fred Thompson dropped out. Why? He was the only candidate that appeared in an Albert Brooks film. Cased closed!

And his wife? Rowwwrrrr!

cowboyangel said...

Very powerful words you offer on poverty in the U.S. and how it affects us in so many ways. Disappointing to see Edwards drop out - I thought he added another dimension to the race. But after pushing their Hillary-Obama race on us for over a year, I guess the media's finally relieved. Goodness, imagine if Edwards kept talking about poverty. Their poor narrative would've been in a mess.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Another "better than the rest" candidate bites the dust. First it was Bill Richardson and now Edwards.
That's OK though because now:

People all over the world, join hands
Join the "O" train, "O" train!
Don't you know that it's time to get on board
And let this train keep on riding, riding on through

Aint a damn thing wrong with that. We just gotta keep Hillary the corporate democrat outta there.

more cowbell said...

I too was sad to see Edwards drop out. He was originally my last choice of the top 3, but as time went on, and I researched their positions, I was surprised to find that he was closer to my ideals than the other 2 in many ways. Whoda thunk, from the wealthy, white, straight, Southern male of the group? He took a strong stand, one he didn't have to take. Anyway, he made me more undecided, not less, and I admire him.

That said, I hope he endorses Obama, and regardless of people's thoughts on Hillary ... our nominee will be a woman or an African American. Hell yes, people. Hell yes.

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