Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Caucus preparedness…

I know that some of you aren’t at all interested in the Iowa Caucus, but a bitch is.

I can’t get enough of the breaking then breaking again then breaking for another hour until finally developing into a development worth following closely all night and over and over political news.

For real!

Tomorrow will be happy, happy, happy followed by joy times three for me. Plus this shit has the added benefit of providing my ass with two weeks worth of discussable content for my Voter Education class!


So, obviously a bitch needs to get my Iowa Caucus Viewification List of Needed Things together.


Instrument of writing?


Notepad to write upon?


Barbequed something to dine on with a side of potato salad based yummified joy?



Other bitches might have the same idea…there could be a run on barbequed something tomorrow and then where would my ass be...hmmm?


Promise from C-Money to rustle up berry tarts and cookies?

Mmmmhmm, and I’m holding her to it…big time.

Ice…vodka…sparkling cran (much love to a certain Live Journal sistah for that cran-based tip!!)?

Got it!

Shit, it’s going to feel like I’m getting my caucus on right along with all those dedicated Iowans...

…except my casa won’t be full of a bunch of my fellow citizens and the never ending story chasing political B-team from {insert annoying news outlet trying to squeeze this Caucus for all it has ever been worth}.


Anonymous said...

Hrm, now I want a Cosmo. Put a twist in that vodka with sparkling cran for me! Already planned potato salad here (homemade) and hot dogs for tomorrow night. Happy Caucus Day!

Homer said...

Happy Caucus night! I'm glad that it is such a toss-up, certainly makes things more interesting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Next time consider coming north to Iowa for a few days. I've seen Clinton, Dodd, Biden, and McCain once each; Edwards twice; Richardson three times; and Obama four times. I've also attended two meetings with Obama's advisors. I've gotten to ask questions about living wage, predatory lending, and Iraq.

You'd have a boatload of great questions for the candidates, I'm sure.

You'd also get to see what the media doesn't cover (i.e., a lot).

CR from Iowa

The Lazy Iguana said...

My highly cynical views and lack of interest for the primaries is due to a long standing system where Florida did not count. For example in 2000, Bill Bradley dropped out and let Gore take the nomination a week or two before the Florida primaries. Same for 2004 - by the time it came to FL everyone knew it was Kerry. I can go back for as far as I remember, even as far as my parents can remember - and it was the same case.

But this year is different! Oh yea. Because Florida votes the week before Super Tuesday. So I count! It feels good to count. For once. I can take part in the system! So I have paid more attention than in years past.

Even if the DNC is mad at Florida for changing our primary date and is threatening to not let Florida delegates into the convention. I think that is an empty threat - it is not going to happen. Nor do I believe the candidate pledge that they will not campaign in Florida for the primaries. All it will take is one candidate to campaign here and they will all come. Hey 27 votes! In a blueish purplish state! Can't ignore that. Florida can fall either way in every election.

I would like to go to your voter education class. It would be neat. Too bad I do not live closer.

But for now, all eyes are on Iowa. For some reason. One state out of 50, one State that only accounts for a whole whopping 1.3% of the all important electoral college. And a state with more Independents than Democrats or Republicans - according to the talking heads on the TV.

I think we should at least wait till after Super Tuesday (and Florida!!!!) before anyone drops out.

And I do not think any State should have primaries so late in the season that they do not count. That has to end.

Moderate Democrat said...

I'm going to throw in with Hillary, the Only True Fiminist! Her unwavering support of the Number One Women's Rights Issue, the War on Terror [despite the obligatory anti-Bush rhetoric meant for the moveons that she did not mean], has earned my support. I find hints that Benazeer might have actually endorsed Hillary because of Hillary's support on the War on Terror. Hillary is definitely an opponent of the Zina Ordinance that Benazeer fought so hard to repeal.

Obama deludes himself into thinking that he can work with Republicans. He will certainly be taken for a ride. The Repubs may support him in a couple of Primaries, but when November hits, he'll be thrown to the wolves. Hillary is much more adept to be caught in such obvious traps. Hillary knows how to make deals with Republicans. Should the Unions and the Civil Rights Coalition get too Uppity, Hillary knows how to get votes from the Repubs to put them in their place. Remember the Nafta Treaty? Remember Welfare Reform? Well, that shows you that Hillary knows how to bargain with Republicans.

rikyrah said...


I grew up in Chicago, where politics is like a 'pasttime' here.

I got hooked on politics because of Harold Washington.

After the Supreme Court stole 2000, I stepped away from politics. I came back in 2003, only to be disgusted by 2004.

But, I didn't stay away. Worked like hell for 2006.

And now, here is 2008. It's 9 in the morning, and I'm on pins and needles.

I used to resent Iowa and New Hampshire for going first. But, I went to school in New Hampshire, and I saw, up close and personal, how SERIOUS those folks take this responsibility. It's the one reason I stopped hating on NH, even though it lacks diversity.

As far as Iowa goes, I had never been there until I began volunteering this year. And, I found the people to be engaged and involved and willing to listen. You don't have to like it, but, like New Hampshire, they take this very seriously. And, long before most of the country outside of political junkies take a look at the race, they are doing the research on the candidates. NH and Iowa are the closest thing to the retail politicking that so many of us says is lacking these days. That's why they are important, IMO.

I'm nervous on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Shark-Fu said...

I'm sorry...hold up...did I just read some shit about Unions and Civil Rights coalitions getting too Uppity?


I am proud to be a part of both and it'll be a cold day in HELL when Hillary or anyone else puts me anyplace.

Ours is the voice of the worker and the people, whoever you are...and MY place is right here up in the face of power.

You make Hillary sound like The Man...cutting deals and consoling power while pandering to the masses.

Trust me, that isn't the brand image she's looking to cultivate right now...

Shark-Fu said...

CR from Iowa...

I wanted to come up but couldn't break away! A bitch has been to Iowa (had a yummified fried Twinkie there at the fair...sigh) and would love to return during the heat of all things Caucus based.

Next time, for sure.

As it is, I'm trying to shuffle life so I can get to South Carolina...

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I should be excited. . . will Obama blow away the old guard? Will Hillary be given a big Iowa "no thanks?" Will my favorite Edwards roar up from behind?
Will the good people of the glod buckled bible belt give Huckaby a win? What will happen with the underdogs? Will Paul make a real showing?
It's all politically intriguing. I'd like to be excited and interested.
I just turned on the TV, started cruising the news channels but then stumbled onto "The Most Amazing Police Videos."
Yawnnnnn. It's still on.

Friðvin said...

I am so interested in the Iowa caucus I decided to forego the tequila ritual tonight which accompanies so many political events. I'm having a nice merlot and getting ready to settle on the sofa.

It's exciting to me because this is the first step to getting that fucking asshole sent back to Crawford.

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